week 2? me?!

It is only 8 days but I qualify to post in here now, right?!

well. I went through the first seven days thinking that I was more addicted than anyone in the world and that I couldn't do it...but here I am!

days 3 to 6 were horrid in honesty. My moods towards loved ones (and a few drivers on the road!) frankly a little frightening! I think the whole time I was thinking, "if I behave badly enough, people around me will just tell me it's not worth it and ask me to smoke again." Of course, they didn't. The people that love you don't want you to smoke!

instead I was irritatingly confronted with tolerance towards my horrid behaviour and tantrums and tons of support and encouragement. It drove me nuts! People kept telling me it would get easier but it wasn't...I felt like it was harder each day.

I am coming from a slightly saner place today! I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such a patient bunch in real life and such a supportive, and sometimes hilarious, bunch on here! Been great to read posts of other struggles - normalising and reassuring me that mine were similar and that, just perhaps, I wasn't the most addicted person in the world ever! Just going through what we are all going through...struggles are real but possible to overcome...rants, tantrums and tears can be part of the process and are okay too...yelling at inanimate objects, totally fine.

I would have punched myself for saying this just two days ago...but it IS getting easier. Not easy and not quickly...but definitely EASIER, by a fraction.

Giving up smoking is such a huge, difficult life and mindset change it's not only been incredible to see how much stronger I am than I initially presumed...but also how much strength the people around me have to put up with, well, whatever I need to say/do because they appreciate the change is so big and sooo positive.

Amazing to have more reflective thoughts than addict thoughts. If it is for today only, it is a start!

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  • Well done on reaching week 2. Hanging on to our sanity in these early days is a challenge but it will be worth the freedom in the end. Just shows how deeply addicted to nicotine we are but the little devil will die if we starve him to death. xx

  • Keep telling myself that, it's a good mantra! So nice to read your positivity today....long may it continue for you

  • Hiya, half the battle is realising there may be a lot of bad days before there is all good, but if we accept those bad days and move forward we will get there in the end xx

  • I agree Donna. x

  • Welcome to week two. It's a nice feeling moving into a room, isn't it. It gives another incentive to keep going:)

  • Yeah was pretty good actually...the first week was so tough it feels nice to have it behind me!!!

  • Bex that made me chuckle - being irritated by tolerance, I can so relate to that!

    Well done and keep fighting x

  • Thanks. Ha, I know...all that bloomin patience surrounding me when I wanted the excuse to be shouty...had to do it to the kettle instead!

    Hope you're doing okay?

  • Teehee - poor kettle! I'm doing fine, thanks :) Had a brief moment where I wondered what it would be like to have a smoke, then realised it would just be horrible and stupid, and moved on! It's been an ok week 3 so far...x

  • Week three, wow! Woohoo, doing a little dance in celebration for you!

  • Thanks Bex! Love ya :) Today been good?

  • Morning...well done you are doing great, its funny how many of us wanted the title of worlds strongest addict. I thought I loved fags, they were as much a part of me as anything...how daft. Enjoy getting more sane every day. I am just deciding not to smoke today, every day..xx

  • Haha I am so relieved that wasn't just me...it's almost like I wanted someone to tell me I was too addicted to possibly quit so what was the point in trying?...well, someone was in a way...My addict brain!

    That is how I'm saying it now, over the last couple of days the one-day-at-a-time seems to be a helpful thought process.

    Hope you are doing alright.

  • great your on wk 2 keep at it you own this quit ...:cool:

  • Thanks Brian :)

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