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No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Hello all,

I am in Day 3 now!

Yesterday I had a really tough moment. I went to buy some groceries from a store close to my house and I dropped my bag in front of the store, because my hands were shaking. The hard point came when some teens close to me laughed - I got really enraged but managed to hold myself from buying a pack of ciggarettes or beating the kids up. Drank a glass of Irish whiskey before going to bed and slept good.

Also I gained half a kilo, but I don't really care since I can use all that extra energie to train so I am pretty sure that I'll lose weight in the long run.

Also my sister told me that my teeth are whiter!

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Well done Ninetails getting this far - keep up the hard work and before you know it you'll be counting off the weeks :)


Well done...Whatever you do,don't give up the quit in these early days.You must be strong like you were and continue that way.I wish you complete success with your quit...douglas.j


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