No Smoking Day
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Hello all

Hope everyone is staying strong on the second day. I myself am feeling very confident about stopping this time round. In fact day 1 and 2 (So far) has been a breeze. Yet I am sure their will be hard times to come. I am currently using the patches and gum. Very much recommended if people are struggling cold turkey. Keep up the good work people.


Jimmy :D

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Hi Jimmy,

There's nothing wrong with NRT. I quit using patches many years ago, though sadly I started up again about 5 years later. Still, getting rid of the habit is the hardest part, I found, so anything that can be done about chemical dependency whilst weaning off the weed is welcome.



Hi Jimmy,

patches and gum combination is working for me. I only use half a 21mg patch because I'm chain chewing nicogum all day and I don't want to overdo the nicotine. I haven't had too many physical withdrawal symptoms this time but my mind's been working overtime.


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