50 Days

I just wanted to say....YAY!

How good is this?

[*]50 days. 50 whole days!

[*]Thats 1200 times i took 'one hour at a time'.

[*]1000 dirty, stinking cigarettes not smoked.

[*]£306.50 not burnt but put towards 2 weeks in Egypt next year. :cool:

I'd like to thank everyone on this forum whether we have 'spoken' or not. It's all the tips and hints i have picked up that have made it a little bit easier than going it alone.

When i felt like i was cracking up i'd come here and realise that i probably was cracking up but i was also allowed to, if thats what it took to get me through that moment.

:)I now feel like this is possibly one of the hardest things for people to give up. So i am able to do anything i put my mind to.

I feel confident enough to say i am a non-smoker. Yes i still get urges, but it's not cigarettes i want, it's just that 'something' i keep saying about.

I need to teach myself there isn't anything missing anymore.

I now know i can lose all my extra weight (including my newly collected stone lol)

I now know i can get fitter and more toned than i ever have been. I don't have that scary breathlessness when i run up the stairs. I'm not going to die now i'm just not fit, so i can change that.

I now know i can stop biting my nails (gross i know) and grow them to look lovely.

I feel on top of the world and capable of anything! :D

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  • ~~~ Congratulations! ~~~



    Thank you for posting that, Karen, that is truly inspirational :D

    I might keep reading that one, if you don't mind! Can't wait to get where you are!

  • Whoop whoop


    Hi Karen

    I also wanted to add in my congrats on the 50 days, thats truely brilliant. I love celebrating the milestones, for me tomorrow will be 7 months and i can truely say that stopping was the bestest thing i could have ever done and wish i'd done it so much earlier.

    Here's to the next 50, whoop whoop

  • Fifty days is BRILLIANT. Well done Karen. Can you do whatever you put your mind to? HELL YEAH!

    Congratulations xxx

  • Great effort Karen, to coin a cricket phrase when a batsmen reaches 50....................... 'and the next one'

    Good luck

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