No Smoking Day
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50 Days

I just wanted to say....YAY!

How good is this?

[*]50 days. 50 whole days!

[*]Thats 1200 times i took 'one hour at a time'.

[*]1000 dirty, stinking cigarettes not smoked.

[*]£306.50 not burnt but put towards 2 weeks in Egypt next year. :cool:

I'd like to thank everyone on this forum whether we have 'spoken' or not. It's all the tips and hints i have picked up that have made it a little bit easier than going it alone.

When i felt like i was cracking up i'd come here and realise that i probably was cracking up but i was also allowed to, if thats what it took to get me through that moment.

:)I now feel like this is possibly one of the hardest things for people to give up. So i am able to do anything i put my mind to.

I feel confident enough to say i am a non-smoker. Yes i still get urges, but it's not cigarettes i want, it's just that 'something' i keep saying about.

I need to teach myself there isn't anything missing anymore.

I now know i can lose all my extra weight (including my newly collected stone lol)

I now know i can get fitter and more toned than i ever have been. I don't have that scary breathlessness when i run up the stairs. I'm not going to die now i'm just not fit, so i can change that.

I now know i can stop biting my nails (gross i know) and grow them to look lovely.

I feel on top of the world and capable of anything! :D

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~~~ Congratulations! ~~~




Thank you for posting that, Karen, that is truly inspirational :D

I might keep reading that one, if you don't mind! Can't wait to get where you are!


Whoop whoop


Hi Karen

I also wanted to add in my congrats on the 50 days, thats truely brilliant. I love celebrating the milestones, for me tomorrow will be 7 months and i can truely say that stopping was the bestest thing i could have ever done and wish i'd done it so much earlier.

Here's to the next 50, whoop whoop


Fifty days is BRILLIANT. Well done Karen. Can you do whatever you put your mind to? HELL YEAH!

Congratulations xxx


Great effort Karen, to coin a cricket phrase when a batsmen reaches 50....................... 'and the next one'

Good luck


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