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Day 7

Hello everyone, how are you? All good I hope.

I'm very happy and greatful to have reached day 7. Wooo!!! Thank you for all your support.

Its been a LONG week. Days 2 and 3 were a great struggle. The NRT spray helps but makes me feel sick. So I sprent a 9 hours researching electronic cigarettes and ENI's ( electronic nicotine inhalers ) and purchased the latest one ( one that boasts the best technology as opposed to one that looks like a cigarette) I chose the low nictine and 0 nicotine liquid ( as the idea is to get off nicotine eventually) to put in it and have no regrets. Works a treat for me. I thought it was miraculous and prefer it to real cigarettes ( no smell, no tar, no ash etc ). I also found a liquid made of vegetable glycerine ( as opposed to the other chemical which is also use to make dry ice ) so feel safer with it. I offered a try to a smoking friend and quickly realised its not a miracle - it helped me because I wanted to quit.

My sence of taste and smell are back. My skin is clearer and I am sleeping better. I also joined classed for Zumba, Squash and belly dancing to keep all my new energy in check. Love it!!! Of course I feel lazy and dont want to go to any of the classes.I'm also a size 16. But I make myself go as I know I feel great afterwards. I might even loose weight!

Thanks for reading.

My very best motivational wishes for your quit journey.


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Hi Rishika

Congrats on your first week, that's really good and a big well done from me. I know that the first week or so can be quite difficult but you have come so far so should be really really proud of yourself.

I too bought one of the Zero Nicotine E-Cigs when i first gave up, mainly because i knew the last time i tried to stop i would get an urge to have one and then buy 10 getting me back to square 1 but with the E-cig and No nicotine i had it there should i need it and i only used it twice and 1 of those was showing others the device, i needed to break the association with hand to mouth but i can honestly say keeping it in my bag as a just in case truely worked. I still have it though but im not interested in it now, i needed to get through the first month and that did the trick.

Anyhow good luck to you. Here is to the next 7 days :)


Aw thank you Nuttynurse and Karri. I appreciate your aknowledgements - they are very motivating.

My husband is already bored of my smoking journey. He's like - Ok you've done it now. Talk about something else please :)

Karri - big woop woop for your first week too. Well done. I'll be looking out for your next post when I get to two weeks as well.

Nuttynurse - we apsire to 7 months! Nice going.


Hi Ladies

I can totally relate to the almost forgotten feeling when all we want is a pat on the back or a big well done. My OH is an ex-smoker and i do mention to him oh guess what, in which he says "What" then i think no i cant be bothered to share another milestone with you and so i am glad that i have you lot to cheer me on.

I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to have a lovelly bouquet of flowers sent to me when i reach my year, yup my first year but i know that unless i send them myself it will never happen not here anyhow. I am so chuffed to be able to see each month through now and it would be lovelly just for the first year only that when each month is reached i get a well done but no i dont, it does bother me a bit but then again its my quit and for me to treat myself and remember, once the first year is done and out of the way i wont bother so much but i do feel we need the "Well done's" to start with to keep us motivated.

We can all do this :) So good luck all


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