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No Smoking Day
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day 2

;)Wel l im over my first full day. woke up today and all i was thinking about was a smoke. i bought into it and planned to go and buy some but the bed was too warm and i fell back to sleep. woke up 4hrs later feeling pleased that i didnt want to smoke and hadnt given in on my previous awakening. feel pleased and confident after getting through 1st day... Mashx

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Distraction, distraction, distraction. The key to getting though those niggling cravings. I've been struggling a bit today so I keep finding ways of taking my mind off it. Someone on here recommended cleaning - not very exciting but it's done the trick several times and has the added bonus of keeping my flat tidy. Going back to bed and falling asleep sounds more fun though!

Well done on Day One. Keep looking forward! :)



Assuming you've battled through the last few days your body will now be free of nicotine, so the battle is being won.

Good luck


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