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Another Couple of Reasons

On Day 20 and I am currently indulging on one of my idle past times - surfing the net, drinking a cheeky rose and singing along to my favourite songs. In the past, i would have smoked a fair few as I went along, but now all I have is my patch and my inhalator, for those moments when it feels impossible.

A couple of things that really resonated with me when i was heading towards my quit: Firstly, I have two cats who I adore. I have had cats in the past but these two are replacement babies since my daughter left home. The idea that my 'habit' hurt them really stuch with me. We had rodents throughout my daughter's childhood and all of them died of tumours. I wonder why......

The second reason - those of you in the UK will understand this one. Have you noticed how deep Deidre Barlow's voice has become? I coudl feel that happening to me, my voice was lower and i didn't like it. Now, i can't sing, but i like to, and i love nothing more than belting out to my favourite songs, but i have found in recent years that it's getting harder and harder to keep up. In the past couple of weeks - i can sing far, far better.

I like that :D

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I'm not familiar with Deirdre Barlow, but I also have two cats and I love the fact that they sit around me much more these days than before when I smoked.



you will always be Deidre to me now :D


on a more serious note, I insisted no one smoked around my daughter when she was a baby - and i was surrounded by a whole family of smokers... but when she got a bit older, it just didn't enter my head that it was bad for her. Now she smokes :(

My previous cat - Coco (may she rest in peace) would leave the room in a most indignant manner when i lit up, but the two i have now never budged. Coco lived to the ripe old age of 16 but who is to say she wouldn't have lived longer had i not smoked? Now these two - trevor and ruby (don't laugh) may have had a couple of years of second hand smoke - but no more!

I live about 3 doors from a pub and sitting here in my room with the window open an smell the smoke of the puffers outside. is it wrong to still like it??


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