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Hello all

Hope you are all well, just a little catch up thread as I have not been in touch for a while.

Day 113 for me today, so I am rapidly appraoching month 4 & 5. I have to admit that Month 3 has been the hardest as my previous threads have allouded.

I still sometimes do not feel like a non smoker, though I know I am. I was out with some friends last week and a particular one who I hadn't seen for a while was so pleased when I told her I'd quit. Her reaction raised my spirits!

Anyway to all my friends, keep up the good work and take care

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  • Shaun

    Well done.

    I have to say I'm slightly surprised that when you stop for as long as you have the count is still in days, it's as if every day is worth chalking up suggesting it is still a daily battle, is this still the case ?

    I'm on day 18 so nowhere near yoru mark but I hope in 3 months time smoking becomes such a distant thought in my mind that dates/days aren't important.

    One downside of course, the Americans were inconsiderate enough to kill Bin Laden on my quit day so there's little chance of me ever forgetting the date !

    The way I see it two good things happened 2 May....

  • Hello Horse

    Thanks for your response.

    Interesting point, I still count in days as at the beginning it was all about getting past day 1. I also liked a fellow quitters message of "one day at a time for the rest of my life"

    As for your other point, I have had no real issues until I hit month 3, thats when I went off it somewhat and could have easily started again.

    As for your date reminder, well I can't top that, however I did quit the day after my birthday, so again like yours easily memorable.

    Take care and keep up your good work

  • Great job Shaun! You're well on your way to the penthouse!


  • How long is it before I make the penthouse? Is it a year?

  • How long is it before I make the penthouse? Is it a year?



  • Thanks Alex much appreciated, I hope to reach that milestone.

    How far are you away from it, if you don't mind me asking.

  • Sorry Alex, just read your message, doh!!!

  • No worries ;)


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