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Calling all Day-5ers!


Well done day-5ers!! We've done AMAZINGLY well!

I see many of us were feeling slightly wobbly yesterday evening (with husbands/partners giving in and smoking -mine too-) and other "day-4 delights".

But we made it to DAY 5!! Before knowing it we'll be in week 2!!

Congratulations to all who have made it and lots of encouragement to any that haven't, just take a deep breath and start again.

Hope you have a good weekend!


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Morning ELenita

Day 5 here we come, Got grand daughter today should keep me busy. Hope everyone else is well. Linda xxxxxxxx

Well done to all of you :)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh day 5 and i am still here.:D

Signing on to day 5 :D feeling betterer today too Phew lol

Well done everyone x x

Im still here but i feel rough as hell but i have only had a couple of hours sleep, im gagging for a fag today but i wont give in :(

HI all you 5 dayers. How many of us left you keeping count Buff.

Must say its been a shit day for me cant wait to see day 6 but not smoked so winning the fight. Hope every one else is having a better day two more days and we have done a week. Yea yea Linda xxxxxxxxx

Hi Linda I am still here:) and i am not going anywhere.

Rob yes i do take deep breaths when i get that craving feeling and a couple of glasses of water. It does help your right.

Hi, i'm still here. Better late than never! Had a busy day today, shopping and hairdressers. I have not felt so good today. Maybe the euphoria of the thought of quitting, has worn off a bit, BUT, WE ARE STILL HANGING ON IN THERE. Let's all keep geeing one another up so that we don't fall by the wayside.

HI Josie was a bit worried I had not seen you on. Dont worry day almost over hopefully we will sail past 2moro on to week 2. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Linda, i'm going to have an early night tonight, get today over and done with! I hope you have had a better day today Linda, ( with regards to your son), l felt so bad for you yesterday.You don't need that kind of stress when you are trying to quit. :(

We will do this, what a strong bunch we are!!

And Linda has coped with so much the whole time, really.

I see change in you though, you come across as more for yourself, I do hope you are feeling stronger as a person Linda x x

Josie sorry today was not so good :( but you have had exciting few days bday and all x x x perhaps it's just that lil let down after all the excitment.

It happens to us all at any age, be honest ;) lol 4years old or 104 years old.

Lets remember that bad days happen, regardless, they even happened when we smoked so we can't put everything onto the fact that we aren't smoking! right? :o

Lets keep breathing deep, imagining nice thoughts (you can't think 2 things at once ;) ) drinking water and snacking healthily~ish!!

~Buffy x x

:D aye, thats why the ~ish was put in place! lol would love to be a strict disiplarian but hey ho :D eat eat! enjoy my friend ;)

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