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Day 19

On my 19th day and i feel good. I am kind of waiting for the 'big test', whatever that might be because i think i've had a pretty easy time of it. I think of smoking less and less often and my resolve is very strong. I know that there will be times where I will feel my confidence slip but I have to be honest, this is MUCH easier than dieting! Maybe that's just me - i've been a yo-yoer all my adult life and am currently at the heavier end. The food demons are a bigger fight to me so I think I'm spending my time either thinking of food, eating food, or wondering how i can stop eating and thinking of food quite so much! Smoking just isn't coming into it!

I feel no major health benefits yet. I think i can take deeper, fuller breaths and i am less breathless up and down the stairs, but otherwise, i am waiting for the waking in the night to pass and am quite concerned about the second head I am growing on my chin! There is also the unpleasant side effect of digestive system disruption that is very uncomfortable.

At nearly 3 weeks, i think i have come a long way to break the habit of smoking, the urges are lessening and I am proud of myself - but no way do i think the fight has been won. It is still a day at a time.

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That's great news Mrs CP, well done.

And I take the firm view that a few extra pounds will not kill you and can be lost in the future....


Good advice, Karri - dib dib dib! The patches are so useful but i know they don't stop that crave that hits you from nowhere, or that immediate response to a stressful situation. On my one and only previous quit, it was like i was looking for a reason to grab the fags but this time i think mentally i am stronger.

I am so hefty i would be doing well to walk a mile - in a day! but hey, one thing at a time. I have decided this is my 'munter year' - i have asked everyone to ignore how i look and have promised them and myself i will look better one day and this is only temporary! My husband, fortunately, is so chuffed with me quitting, he doesn't care. Just wish he could quit too but you can't do it for them, can you?


Hi MrsCP,

It takes time for the body to heal. If you read some of the stories from the old timers with long-term quits behind them, you'll see that the effects of having smoked for several years takes its toll on the body.

I've just gone the six-month mark and I'm finding that I've only recently got my taste back. I'm still not feeling totally fit and healthy, and I still find I have a bit of a heavy chest from time to time.

The thing you need to remember is that by quitting you are making steps forward, regardless of whether everything happens all at once or over time. It's still way better than working oneself gradually downhill by smoking.



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