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Another Day 1

Hi there, I was looking for the welcome thread and thought I would say hello.

After 11 years I stopped smoking in July 2010. This was my best quit to date and lasted for 3 months until I had just one and then became an occasional smoker having the one or two a day. Now then I decided it was stupid to continue doing tghe one or two as I could not go a day without one so I stopped again in December, that lasted until mid-March. All was going but a couple of stressful thing at work that made me very angry I bought a pack of smokes and had a few, after that I have been having a few ever since.

I know from my last quit attempts that even having one makes you feel as crap as having 10 or 20. Also I have found I can not physiclly smoke the 20 or so cigs anymore whithout feeling very sick.

Long story short I am very tired of being dependent on the ciggys. In my 'on and off' last couple of months I have lasted a few days but always relapsed on the weekends, then it took a couple of days to get off them again.

Anyhow, I am fed up bveing a nicotine slave and miss my non-smoker days when I could go weeks without thinking about having a smoke.

I migrated here from the US forum that chucked a wobbly when I confessed to a relapse.

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Welcome to the forum, I suspect your US forum was whyquit. Lotds of good information on there but they wouldnt let me join because I had used patches for a week.

Lots of tears and laughter on here, good luck with your quit, what method you using?



Patches for a couple of days then cold turkey, worked well for me in December.

Well, they are a bit hardcore in the US especially on the relapses, attitude put me off forums and other things like that to help. I figured NRT, relapses and other things are all part of the course for most and shunning people if they have a weakness does not help. Anyhow glad I dont take the interweb too seriously or it would have been a bit depressing.

Anyway, in the last 11 months I have smoked about as much as I would have normally got through in a month. I know it was not as good as none at all but still an acheivement in my eyes and I managed to stay off them for about 6 months in that time.

Now, however is the time for none at all, and if i make it through the weekend I know will be fine.



Welcome :D

We will not critise you in here, we will advise.

Well done btw on your 3 month quit, that proves you can do it. My advise would be to look at your triggers that made you relapse and try and avoid those, you said weekends, obv you cant avoid a weekend but if it was having spare time, try and fill that with something different or if it was alcohol, maybe avoid that for the shortime too.

Anyway, good luck and keep posting on here, these guys are rocks. I really couldnt have gotten this far without them

Jill xxx


Hi Dagget,

We're a little more lenient on this forum, but woe betide you if you start using lax attitudes as a means to break the rules! :D

We have subtle ways of bringing you back in line with expectations :eek::eek::eek:

Cheers, and here's wishing you a successful quit!



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