No Smoking Day
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My first day(again)

Hi ladies and gents,

I am a 25 year old guy from Bulgaria and I am smoking from 10 years.

I always found smoking stupid and useless but my friends in highschool were smoking and I started too trying to look "cool".

I have been trying to quit from 5 years now and every time something happens and I start again. Longest I managed not to smoke was last year in the autumn - 2 months. Then I quit work and started smoking just shortly before beggining the new one - I work at a computer all day as a marketing expert(no exercises).

I am still trying to quit and making attempts quite frequently. Last attempt started today

So I was reading through tips for quiting and come accross an article where it says to tell more people and blog it.

I googled "quiting smoking forums" and here I am.

I am going to a vacation to Paris after exactly one month and decided that one month before it - 16th May sounds like a good date to quit. I had 4 ciggarettes today last one - after my lunch and I am not buying any more. Not going to say I'll try because I am trying to keep a winning attitude.

Any tips maybe?

PP: I am getting really nervous already and I am thinking of asking a colleague for a ciggarette.

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Hi there,

I have done the same as you, I had intended on not smoking at all today but went to bed last night with a few left. I knew they were there as soon as I woke up this morning and smoked. I to have now run out, but have put a patch on. This really does seem to help take the edge off, I am going to make sure that tomorrow is a truly smoke free day, I will come on here and see how you are getting on. Have you tried patches?

Good luck! :D


Best of luck Ninetails. Tips? yes read, read read - lots of people have links under their names. Get to know and understand what happens to you when you quit.

Biggest tip[... don't smoke:D :D


Hello Ninetails and Connie,

The only thing that worked for me was (is) to stay away from cigarettes, stores, smokers, alcohol. I was literally a monk in my first month. I drove miles out of my way to avoid corner stores. If I drove by one, I knew I would stop and buy some.

It's not an easy battle, but I have to tell you, it is a worthwhile one.



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