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No Smoking Day
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Ok so its been nearly 24 hours since my last cig....I sound like Im at an AA meeting lol. Being going good all day but for some reason really feeling the pinch right now and I could literally run to the shop for a pack.

Ive had a patch on all day and only took it off for an hour earlier when doing some excercising.

Everything has just become dull and boring and I dont feel happy and positive anymore is this normal after 24 hours, what I mean is am I at stage where my body will have lost certain chemicals or something?



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Update....still going strong be still wanting one, I have started with a cough too???? Never had a cough when I smoked though, the back of my throat is all tickly???


Hi Chris, I suppose you'll be on the day 2 board by now! Well done you!!


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