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newbie on day 1


I have been stalking the forum for a week or so now getting lots of useful tips and info... am on day 10 of Champix and have not smoked today (supposed to stop Sunday but caved the last 3 days and had a couple in the evening!).

Am finding the side effects of Champix a bit rough (stomach, lack of sleep, lack of concentration - even when still smoking, and blurred vision) but am hoping it will suit me for the duration as it really helps with the cravings.

Look forward to sharing my experience and thanks for sharing yours and spurring me on this last week.

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Welcome Stanley you have come to the right place. I have no experience with champix but there are plenty on here who have, and they are all great. I wish you well with your quit.:)


Hello Stanley and welcome,

Fun to lurk about the forum isn't; suppose we all started that way. To date I have still not started a thread!

Did you happen to see the Champix social group in your wanderings? Great group to join; it may not be very active, but by reading all of the post you will gain a lot of info.

I too was on Champix; did not particularly help me as it did others in taking away the crave, although it was a crutch I could not have done without.

Most of us suffer from the sleep deprivation and nausea with pills. I cut down to one pill a day after little more than a month and stopped entirely well before 2 months. Eat with your pills and drink a lot of water! I used to take my evening pill in the late afternoon, early eve.

Many of your symptoms just have to do with quitting smoking. Our bodies just don't want to get with the program of quitting. It all seems to go to pot, but we do all recover.

Enjoy the forum and hope to see you on here again!



Thanks Betty and Breezy - this forum has so much useful information and it just keeps coming!

I agree that lots of the side effects are nicotine withdrawal but having quit CT previously I do think that some are def. due to the champix and everyone gets different ones...

still, it's definitely helping - just went to the supermarket and was so not temped by the stinkiness of people smoking outside it! Long may it continue...


I tend to agree with you Stanley, tho I will never discourage anyone from taking it. We are all different. Poor hubby, it was workng like a charm for him, no craves or anything and after I read a horror story site on the tabs I pulled him off of them. Looking back now, I more than overreacted.

Have a good wknd.



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