No Smoking Day
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Oh no, I got to day 24 and just lit one up :eek:

the good thing is that i had four puffs of it and put it out, please someone tell me that I haven't failed!!

it tasted horrible, made me quite dizzy and I thought I may be sick :(

This past few days have been the hardest yet and I have been dreaming about the taste of a Benson and Hedges, I imagined the lovely taste of it and am so glad it didn't taste anything like I imagined it would. the thing that bothers me is that I actually lit it!! I have been so horrible to everyone around me and I really did think it would help, but I just feel sooooo bad now.

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No you haven't failed but you came really close! Good thing you realized how bad they taste after a long period of not smoking. Try to remember just how bad they are for future reference, and for goodness sakes don't take the excuse of "a few puffs" as not being a failure for an excuse to do it again.

You've been on dangerous ground like many others here! Try not to let it happen again, and good luck with your ongoing quit!



re. Help

I am hoping that the taste and smell of it will stop me doing it again, I could actually cry as I am so disappointed in myself :(


Definitely a Blip

a blip works for me ;) I can't bear the thought of going back to day one!! I have had a visitor with us for the weekend and she smokes (although she hasn't while she has been here) and this morning she knew I was getting desperate and offered me one, I refused a the time but couldn't get it out of my head.

Awww Louise :(

The thought of smoking is ALWAYS better than actually doing it thankfully.

Where it leaves your quit is up to you. I would have to go back to day 1 but a lot of people just put it down to a blip.

Don't beat yourself up over it - that will just put your head in a really confusing place :)


Feeling so much better already

I should have come on here instead of lighting the stupid thing!!!

relapse over, I have been so pleased with my progress, it has been so hard and I have been so strong, just goes to show how blinkin determined the demon is, it has been hovering for a couple of days now and driving me mad, but I think my disappointment in lighting one up is greater than my need to have one :o

Good to see you on here again Karri by the way, thought you had left us :D



We don't ever want to get rid hun.

Maria. xxx;)


Ok, am now back on track

I didn't realise about the forum rule before you relent and light one up!! do now, but it is not going to happen again :D am going to be a Domestic Goddess and take all those bad feelings out on the housework :) and...... the secret packet of 10 ciggies My husband had hidden away are now destroyed, snapped every one of them up into tiny pieces, so removing the temptation.

Feeling much better, and my new shoes have just been delivered, they are lovely :D

And Karri, STAY xx


Noooo it has to be Gerard Butler

I do believe if Gerard wanted me to quit I wouldn't have a problem at all, however in the meantime I will carry on cleaning and buying more lovely things :D

Talking of which, I read last night that your skin looks much better once you have quit, does anyone know if this is true?? will I really look 21 again? :rolleyes: I am certainly pampering myself a lot more as I have all that extra time on my hands now, so do feel better.



Now that picture is looooovely :)

The picture is sooooooooooo motivating, and thirty year old skin will be just lovely, Gerard will soon realise what he has been missing and whisk me away, in the meantime, bak to jiffying :D Just had another look, those eyes really do want me :)



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