Day 7

Hi everyone, I have reached the first milestone of my quit, 1 week!. I feel great about it and everyday I feel as if I'm getting stronger. I'm starting to deal with the the warm weather too, I'm hoping quitting now will prepare me for next spring, so I won't fall off again. Anyway I'm just going to enjoy today and not think to far ahead, one hour/day at a time.


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  • Congratulations

    Hi Daniel ,

    great job ... I know it is a very big step .. the first 7 days ... Isn't it amazing you made it 7 days without these stinking cigarettes :p

    Keep it up ... and don't forget to reward yourself ... :p

    I get always a McFlurry Oreo :p:D

  • Thanks fitwith40 & Karri. Yeah hopefully it will be easier next spring/summer and I will be treating myself lol, I'm thinking about buying a blu ray player :)

  • Lol

    Yeah Karri ...its a mens thing ... treated myself to my second ipad ... now ipad 2 yeah ...

    Great reward Daniel .... :D

    Haven't got a blu ray player as gadgets like that are male things really :D As long as I can see Jonny Depp I don't mind what I'm playing it through lol. Have watched a few films on blu ray through my sons playstation though and can really see the difference.

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