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Day 31

Hey all, first post here. Glad to find the site to know there are lots of us going through all these weird and strange experiences.

I kind of feel a little miffed that no one told us about these withdrawal symptoms we would have to go through when quitting smoking. You hear all the reasons why we should quit, but not what we might go through if we quit! OUCH! We have to find out the hard way by wondering what on earth is happening to our bodies and if we have got some fatal illness!..what makes it worse is the anxiety that goes with it when we are uneducated as to what is happening.

So although you wouldn't want to wish these withdrawals symptoms on anyone.. its still reassuring to know others are going through the same thing.

Today feels like a bit of a relapse for me... I woke up with hurting lungs and now have a horrible headache again...Its the worse day I have had for a while.. and its day 31? When does this end? lol

I've not had the horrible cough yet, but I have had blocked sinuses for over a month now *sigh.... When I read about all the things that smoking prevented us from getting, I wonder why do we bother to stop? I know.. I don't want to smoke anymore either... but these withdrawals are awful :( and I feel a little angry that those who tells us to quit give us no warnings about these withdrawals. Insomnia is trying to rear its ugly head too! wow! What next? lol

Anyway, as I said.. it is reassuring to know that were not alone in this and we can suffer together.. lol.. its just wanting to know is all of this normal? blocked sinuses.. bad headaches...pains in the lungs (back and chest).. insomnia...Acid Reflux. wow! What fun :)

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Day 37

Hi Nicky,

Well, all I can say is thank God somebody is going through what I'm going through......not that I want to see anybody suffer like me but I do have the same symptons;

Blocked sinuses....i have suffered from this since the start of my quit! Doc gave me steroids but makes no difference :(

Bad headaches... I've been blaming the weather etc

Pain in lungs..... I've already posted threads concerning this. This is one of the reasons I've quit so I cant say its a withdrawl thing, but it seems to be easing a wee bit :confused:

Horrible cough.....I havent coughed up one bit of phlem but I have been wheezing quite a bit and I can get fits of coughing when this happens...Usually at night when I lie down! :(

Acid Reflux....I actually dont know what this is but I'm guessing i've suffered with it!;)

The only other thing with me is sleep....I'm walking around so tired all day and then I cant sleep at night, I'm blaming the champix for this though, It cant still be the quit...can it?

Anyway Nicky, let me know how you are getting on. If your symptoms persist or ease at any time!!!

Good luck!


Its part of the deal

Its just our Bodies detoxing and having a reaction to changes to its diet of poison for yrs.the poor thing doesnt know whats happening

i had the dreaded cough after 1st wk lasted about another wk. now when i cough theres loads of phlegm which feels good to get up.

the heartburn is starting to settle as well {acid reflux]caused by all the tar weve swallowed[so says my gp]

it does get better...Mashx

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Sinead Have you tried inhaling steam for your sinuses ? ps Have you been checked out by your gp about pain in your lungs?


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Hey Sinead...I read up about the pain in the lungs thing.. its apparently the hairs growing back cicila or something (will have to look it up). I'm not too bad today regarding that.. yesterday was worse!

I decided initially to stop smoking from 20 a day straight to 0.. lasted 1 day and finally gave up to the nagging that was going on in my head...then decided it would be better to reduce what I was smoking.. I managed to get down to 5 a day... totally uneducated about any 'withdrawal side-effects' that might occur and started to hear rumblings in my lungs... (like when your stomach rumbles when your hungry, but I had this in my lungs).. coupled with this I started to have anxiety attacks where I was sure I was about to drop dead on the floor...and this was just reducing my nicotine intake... but of course, since I didn't know we had these withdrawals, I didn't relate it to the lack of nicotine in my body! :eek:

I went to the doctors because I started to feel aching in my lungs and did the worst thing ever and look for a diagnosis on the web!!:eek:... apparently I've died twice already! ;)

So I told the doc what was happening.. he tested my pulse, blood pressure, lungs (tapping on my back) and breathing and said everything was fine and handed me a 'booklet' on anxiety and told me to get some Gaviscon for the Acid Reflux... He asked me do I smoke (I'm asthmatic.. I know, idiot for smoking anyway.. although I was smoking before I realised I had asthma).. I told him I had reduced to 5 a day, but even he didn't connect the two I had to join the dots myself.

Heck knows how long this will go on for.. I hear its different for each person.. and I'll probably get another appoint. at the docs just to verify I'm still within normal capacity.... the blocked sinus thing is getting a bit tedious now... although I'd rather have that than some of the other symptoms.

Anyway... were not alone!! yipeee... keep me updated too... were going through the same thing by the sounds of it... misery loves company.. haha.


@ mash......Havent gone to doctor yet. Things seem to be easing (not wheezing) a little which is good. I know its pathetic but I have to work 20miles away from my home and I dont drive. I know I know, dont tell me to learn how to drive.....I've just done about 20 lessons and I'm still no more confident than I was. I just dont like it :o Will try the steam, thanks for the tip.

@ Nicky....I cut my ciggie intake before my quit too. Maybe we teased our bodies too much and now its pay-back time!! Anyway, we should definitely keep in touch on this thing, mind you...I'm useless on this. I can never go back on where i've posted to find replies, It took me ages this morning!!

Have a fab smoke free day you two!!


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Try some menthol crystals (about a £1) or a blob of vicks rubs in a bowl of boiling water. Put a towel over your head and make a tent over the bowl. Brilliant for clearing out the passages. I will be dong some tonight as I am feeling very bunged up in my nose.


Day 31 days for me. I have lung pain, stomach pain and headache.


I feel all the symptoms mentioned above. Trying to blame it on Oregon pollen. Been smoking over 50 years. stopped with wellbitrin @ a fear of god cough. 31 days later I feel like hell and wonder if I'll survive the cough, sinus conjestion, and constant sore throat. Glad I found this site!

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Welcome to our community luckyonthecliff - congratulations on over 31 days smoke free, well done!

You are in the thick of the body and mind rewiring, repairing and recovering but good news, each day that passes, the easier, better and stronger you will become, hang in there!

This post is over 7 years old and members are no longer active or part of our community, maybe if you wish, create a new introductory post to share your story or you can continue to browse through posts here :)


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