No Smoking Day
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Starting Week2

The first week hasn't been all plain sailing, empty headedness, constant thoughts of cigarettes and worst of all poor sleep, however, as the first week progressed things have got much better :):) resulting in a proper nights sleep last night, the first since my quit.

Having seen my girlfriend 3 times this week (she was dreading what my mental state was going going to be like lol) , she has said that I seem to be much happier since quitting than before :D:D:.

Thanks all for your comments/posts over the past week.

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Excellent! Glad to hear things are easing up. Keep going, you're doing great. :)

It's one of the most surprising things about the quit for me that I am actually a MUCH calmer person without fags. Exactly the opposite of what I'd expected.

Onwards and upwards!

H x


Pre quit I was a 20-25 a day smoker, at 7 pound a pack I've saved over 50 quid this week too :eek::eek::eek:.


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