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Thoughts of having a Ciggie seems nice????

3 months and 6 days into my quit, went through hell head first in the first few weeks and now everything is nice and tranquil except.......... i keep having these thoughts that a ciggie would be nice, WTF :confused:

I know i don't need nor want one and have easily refused offers of a ciggie (or a 2nd hand soggy drag :eek:) but these thoughts just keep cropping into my head.

Don't get me wrong, i can handle them and am not tempted one iota but they aren't half annoying :mad:

Must be part of the three three's i suppose :rolleyes:

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Oooh CP, I know you won't but DON'T GIVE IN!

I'm sure you're right and it's the 3's and equally i'm sure it will go away. No point in saying to you go and eat chocolate, it doesn't work with a bloke!!

Pretend it's your wife calling you and asking you to do the washing up. My husband goes deaf why I ask, so should work for you too!:D

Good luck, and DON"T give in!!


its the sunny days stay strong


hi camper..i know exactly how you feel! i went throught this last weekend and its really annoying...all i can say is that by this point in our quit we know better and that it may take a couple of days but it will pass..nothing we cant handle!! hang in there...dont quit the quit have come way to far..remember those early days:eek: lets not go through that again!!



I'm a couple of days behind you and i'm experiencing the same thoughts. Even though I don't want to smoke I keep thinking about having a ciggie. I think it's just the brain playing tricks. We've got through the worst so we must stay strong!!!!



Had exactly this about three weeks ago. Also accompanied by the 'it's been so long I kind of deserve one' and 'wonder if I should have one just to see if I still like it' thoughts.

Thankfully, gave into none of these promptings, but they weren't half annoying for a while.

Hang in there!

H x


This sounds so like me!

I KNOW in my head that I won't but I feel like it would be nice, I am in work right now with the the door open and everyone that walks past my office seems to be smoking and let me tell you it doesn't smell as bad as it did last week :-/

I feel like I am scarifising my happiness at the mo by not smoking, eh anyway rant over lol.

You are doing so well so dont give in, if you will I will have to too and you dont want that in your head!

Jill xx


Cheers's always nice to know there's others suffering with me :D


Hey Pete, I know what you mean, but believe me it is just a FANTASY! The romance of times gone by and the "joys" of smoking stay with us for quite some time (for some people months, and others for years). The only problem is that when we try to relive that fantasy it becomes a nightmare... :eek:

For one, the effect of smoking after stopping for a long time isn't what we remembered it to be; it smells foul and tastes disgusting. Secondly, we may quickly forget why we stopped in the first place and force ourselves (reliving the need for nicotine?) to have just one more fix, or two, or three, until we are back to being smokers... No thanks!!!

Seems nice; Yes. Would be nice in reality; Yuk.


I like what your saying HM,its good to hear this stuff,

not getting cravings just annoying thoughts about smoking.a flame and moth thing i think,hope yoyu guys dont mind me butting into your conversation. but its good to know that not all cravings are of the climbing the walls variety.



You're not butting in at all Mash, glad you joined in.

I like the 'Moth to a flame' a n a l ogy, very apt :)


God, bloody nice weather, I bloody hate it, it's bloody well making me think about smoking all the bloody time.

Gah! Grrrrrrrrr.:mad:

Won't do it though. Will not let myself be that foolish.

But .... Grrrrr.


Having said that... I must reply to myself, and say that this is just a new trigger. Once I've got through a few nice weather days and got used to not smoking my way through them, this will pass.

Aaaaaand... breathe :D


Right there with you, seems to be a few struggling right now.


It must be the weather!!

Hi all,:)

I am also thinking about the fag, but keep reminding myself that its not the answer to have one. I certainly do not want to start all over again as to me 6 weeks is a long time.

When i have eaten I have to pop a loz in my mouth as that is when a craving creeps in.

I have noticed I have become quite itchy strange or what.. . is that a sign of irritability or is because i am tired.:mad:

I am felling not too bad though better than last week and i guess there will be more bad days as not out of the woods yet as long as i get past the 3months i will be very pleased.

Keeping as strong as possible. :cool:

Last cigarette:28/2/11


No more puffs ever.


When I go outside with my friends who smoke, I always feel like having one. Though I dont smoke at that time but, like this my cravings started growing and then very soon I realized that I need it and I started but, now I completely quit smoking and started vaping with E-cigarettes and no doubt it is awesome.

Strange. In another post you said you do smoke?:confused:


Damn spammers don't know their arse from their elbow :mad:


If you want a real laugh, one of these spamming morons even started his own social group!!:D

Sadly he is the only member, still at least it saves me from having to work out what you call a group of spammers!!:eek:

Perhaps its a pride or a herd, maybe its a gaggle although my guess is its a tin :rolleyes:


Well i think our current spammer is Jean Claude Van Dammes Japanese cousin as his name anagrams to...... "Jean Van Ass Ho" ;)


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