Budget Day: Ciggie Increase?

As a bit of 6 month no-smoking fun - how much do you think Old Alistair will increase ciggies today, if at all?

Lots of ifs and buts with this. Increase it too much - more people quit - less income. However, if more people quit then less NHS spend on smoking related illnesses.

As a new rampant anti smoker I'm going for £1 a packet! HA!

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  • Put em all up to £7 a packet.

    Ban the smoking in cars with children or anyone else present...

    Bring back the birch for repeat offenders ;)

  • HA! I like it.

    Hanging is an option......

  • I do bear some sympathy for that group of people, that I was a member of a couple of months ago. I personally don't care if they double in price, but I do spare a thought for those struggling to brunt the cost and struggling to quit. It puts the pressure on even more. Not sure how well I would be doing if i'd had to quit because of cost and not choice, and I take my hat off to all those who have.

    I'd rather the cost of fags go up than fuel though. We shall see?

  • Well said Lozza - cost is not usually the reason that people quit – it wasn’t it my case. I would do without other things to buy my cigs :(

  • In my local pub the price of a pack of fags from the machine is £7.30 .................... for 16 !!!!!!!!!

  • I said to my husband this morning that it was nice not to care about the price of cigarettes afte tthe budget.

  • I always said when them cigs go over a fiver in cost i'll quit. BUT DID I?

    Did i 'eck as like!!

    Yeah your right it might not be a deciding factor in quitting, health reasons often is the main one.. but lets be totally honest? the price is definitely one of the reasons if not the main one.

  • My first quit way back when was because of the cost - I lasted all of 3 weeks and just bought cheaper everything else! (Everytime someone I knew went abroad, I got them to get me some duty free too!)

    I don't think people who haven't managed to quit should be penalised just because I've done it - I was there myself not so long ago, and it wouldn't have stopped me smoking, just increased my anger towards the nanny state government!

  • Put em all up to £7 a packet.

    Ban the smoking in cars with children or anyone else present...

    Bring back the birch for repeat offenders ;)

    And I agree with jase in fact I would go so far as to say £10 a packet that would definately make me a life long no smoker, but then is that hypocrtical of me as I did smoke and if I hadnt given up I would be gutted and calling them everything from a pig to a dog.

    Mind you I smoked rollys and brought it abroad so who gives a sh** LOL people should go on strike and not smoke for a month Hee Hee

    PS Yes Please Bring back the whip LOL

  • I feel very strongly about this subject. In my opinion if its your car then you choose what you do it it - I dont mean use a mobile or anything silly like that but to smoke in your own car is your right. No-one else has a right to tell you what to do in that car, the same as in your own home, that belongs to you and you should have total freedom over what happens in both.

    Yes, smoke is bad for children to inhale and personally I didn't smoke in my car, even when I smoked, but thats for the parents of those children to decide and not the Nanny State and not any interfering old busy bodies who think they know best for everyone else and especially not other peoples children.

    You know best for yourself only, dont interfere with others, end of story. The world would be a more peaceful place if we could all just mind our own business a bit more.

    This is just my opinion and I'm not entering into any further discussion and or arguement about it. We all have the right to believe what we like. For God sake dont let them take even that away from us all.

  • I am guessing about 10 p a packet .......what I would be interested in seeing is the impact IF EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY STOPPED FOR JUST 1 WEEK .

    Such a huge loss of revenue in the government coffers would probably bring the country to its knees ( more than it is already ) me thinks :p.

    Anyway they aint getting another sheckel outta me for them things that I USED TO SMOKE :)

    Best wishes y'all.

    Trev quit 28th april 09

  • Afternoon all

    I agree with Viv here why should any here or anywhere be able to tell us if we may or may not smoke in our own car I didn't but that's beside the point

    Even when I smoked my home and my car were mine no else paid for the car or keeping it on the road and no one paid the rent on my flat so why would they have the to tell me what to do oin either

    Come on guys show a little consideration to others be they smokers or not did you like being dictated to when you smoked I think not I know I didn't

    Like Viv I will not enter or discuss this with anyone my opinion is theis country has gone far enough down the road of nanny state

  • Marg your bulb has gone out Oppppppppppps I wonder why

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