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2 weeks tomorrow


Hello fellow quitters. Nearly reached 2 weeks (tomorrow), feel really good. I reckon I may have cracked it, have got the confidence ( I'm not the most confident person), and well determined. Sleep is weird but am getting used to it. Got thru watchn my team giving up in the league at the Emirates on Sat without craving too much, but strangley liked the smell of other peoples! My family helping me out aswell, the missus being great and my little boy. No more waiting 20 min after a fag b4 going near him (that's mental really). LETS HAVE THIS

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Blinkin' eck...20 mins after having a smoke before going near your wee boy. Kinda makes a monkey of my father, wiv smoke hanging from corner of his mouth, yanking a comb through my once abundant 60s mop top.


2 weeks today, Alfie :cool:

Congratulations Alfie! That's a fantastic achievement, and your son must be thrilled!

Isn't it fab not feeling guilty any more?? :D

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