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Another One for Two Years!

I hope all of us who are ringing in the Two Year Bell (ding! ding! ding!) can give hope to those of you just starting out. We were where you are a very short time ago!

Anyway, I'm ringing in my two years a few days early--because now I can go weeks--maybe even a month--and not even think about a cigarette so...I'll say my hurrahs and huzzahs before I forget about those nasty things again.

Thanks to everyone on and who used to be on this board who gave me encouragement and best of luck to those of you just starting out on that journey we call "The Quit".


Quit: 17 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

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Very, very cool, Rob! Especially the part about forgetting the fags for weeks at a time ;) Congratulations on getting off those 'nasty things'. WELL DONE!!!!


terrific! Thanks for that! Makes it all seem doeable! Come back next year too please!!


Congratultions 2 years is amazing. Thanks for coming on and telling me, it's great to know what it feels like further down the line. Early in my quit I used to look at those at 6 months and think how wonderful it would be to get there, and it felt so far away, now I am enjoying looking at a year. I see yours and think it will be something else to get there, what a journey.

Thanks again, hear from you next year I hope.



congrats on 2+ years!! I suppose 2 years does seem like a short time ago now for you, makes quitting seem acheivable for those just venturing into it.

Well done, and i wish you many more years success with this



Hi Rob :)

CONGRATULATIONS on 2 years quit

I'm a long way behind you but will hit the 1 year next month




Hi Rob

Im a long time quitter, (july 2007) you sound familiar but i was prob on a good run when u started. 3 months after you seemed a long time then lol. anyway good for you and me, take care

sandie x


I'm Say the same to all the 2 year plus:

Wow, inspired! Well done and thank you for posting this:)


Fantastic so well done.


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