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No Smoking Day
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new here?:)

hi. i am not sure im doing this right. i have just stopped smoking. i had some bad test results for something else and the fear from that scared me into quitting. im 24 yrs old and have smoked for around 10 years although i recall have quite a few before that age...naughty i know.

im doing well. i have no desire to pick up a cigarette, not even brought any. but i have read cancer risk increases greatly the younger you start so i not very worried. anyone else get worries when they stop? also i just dont feel like me! ive grown up and into a women as a smoker its who i am...bit lost tbh.! does anyone have any advice?

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Hi Holly and well done on making the decision to stop.

I know just what you mean about not feeling like yourself - I feel just the same. It's hard when you've been a smoker for years, to suddenly switch that off. BUT - I just keep asking myself what I actually want to be. Do I want to be an antisocial, smelly, unfit addict or do I want be free?

When I look at it like that, it's not really a difficult decision!

As for the cancer risk, you've stopped now- that can only be a good thing for your health!

Keep at it and don't doubt your decision - it's definitely the right one!



Hi Holly,

You are doing the right thing. I wish I'd given up when I was 24. You have given smoking a go and realised early in life that giving up is the best thing to do. Leave it until you are in your mid-forties and you will wish you had tried earlier in life with all the risks to your health that smoking longer can cause. Just look at all the people on this forum that have been smoking for 25-30 years or more say, wishing they had given up much earlier in life.

Your risks of smoking related health problems will be much less the earlier you give up those disgusting things. Don't despair and in a few weeks you will realise that it was worth it. It doesn't matter the reason why you stop, each of us does it for different ones.

Stay with the forum as well for added support and keep us informed of your progress



Hi Holly

You are so doing the right thing, it may not seem like it for a few days. If you look at peoples signatures you will see many who have smoked for 30 or 40 years or even more - every single one of us wish we did it earlier.

Keep busy and dont be afraid to ask questions or just come on here for a rant:D It will get easier



hi holly and welcome :D so happy that you are quitting and saving yourself lots of health problems and money!! i know how ya feel about feeling that smoking is a part of you..i grew up into a wife and mom smoking. i started when i was 14 and i am now 32. 18 years--omg--when i think and say it out loud:eek: i am so happy that i stopped...it has been difficult but so worth it and it gets easier as time goes on...stick with it hun and you wont be sorry:)


Hi Holly, yes I'm one of the older ones in two ways. I'm 65 and smoked for 52 years, started when I was 11. The other way I'm an oldie is because I have now been smoke free for 16 months and 2 days. You are right and so is everyone on here right to worry about yours and their health. Because although I have stopped the 52 years I smoked has taken it's toll on me.

I have been told I have a mild chronic brochitis and I can feel it in my lungs. I believe I'm fortunate that that's all that is wrong with me because what I did to myself all these years I should have been punished more.

Take my advice guys get out while the going is good.

Now congrats to holly2402 on making your decision to stop and

im a quitter,




You can all do it if you only believe you can and don't believe you can't.

One hour, one day at a time, set yourself a target time and when you reach that target set another time. Remember this is something you are doing for you something you will never regret. It is hard it takes a while it will play with your mind but stick through and it's a big reward at the end, 100% guaranteed.



thank you jack..i needed to hear that!:)


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