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How do I get a PMA???

Hi All

I'm new here, so I'l give you a brief history! I've been smoking for the last 27 years (!!!) and I suppose I smoke about 25 per day. I've tried numerous times to quit - patches, gum, hypnosis - you name it, I've tried it! The only time I was anywhere near successful was when I read the Allen Carr book, but even then I only lasted 3 weeks! What was great about that attempt though, was that I felt great for the first 2 weeks - really positive and happy about stopping. Unfortunately I just couldn't maintain that attitude for longer!

I then went to the Allen Carr clinic, hoping that that would be the extra boost I needed, but I just couldn't get that feeling back, and didn't last more than a day!:o

I'm now on Day 13 of Champix, and today is supposed to be my stop day. The side effects aren't too bad for me and I'm definitely not enjoying the ciggies very much at all - I just don't fancy them really, which is great. BUT.... I still can't get that Positive Mental Attitude to stopping. It's almost as though I'm forcing myself to smoke even when I don't really want to! I'm driving myself insane!! I've read loads of forums and information and even re read Allen Carr! Why can't I really believe that giving up is a good thing?? If I can't even feel positive on Day 1, what chance do I have of succeeding?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

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Hi Sarah,

You're right, being in the right mindset for this is pretty vital, otherwise your inner junkie will find the first excuse it can to get you off the wagon. You need the mental strength to tell him to bog off. (Part of that is learning to recognise his voice when you hear it).

It's good that you've been reading stuff, but you clearly haven't found the 'thing that clicks' yet. It's difficult for someone who doesn't know you to know what will work, but if you read enough you will find something that resonates, and that you can return to, to keep you going through the quit.

A lot of people on here have found one or more such things in 'tales from the quit' and if you haven't already I strongly recommend you have a look at them.

Also has a lot of articles you may find helpful, along with some true stories which can be incredibly sobering if you're thinking of lighting up.

Essentially though, you have to want to do this, and do it for you. So I suggest you write a list of your reasons for quitting. Make them as personal as you can.

You have to retrain your mind as an ongoing thing, to stop thinking of smoking as something wonderful that you're sacrificing - it really isn't. To reaffirm to yourself the good stuff that happens when you stop. And most of all to understand why you smoked and learn that you really didn't need to light up all those times that you think you did. This takes time, and it's not always easy, but it is ultimately completely worth it.

Best of luck with your quit. And if you find your PMA failing you, post here. It really helps.

Helen x


Hi. Welcome to the forum. I too found Allen Carr was good to start but didn't give me the tools to maintain an ongoing quit. Tales from the quit is good. Posting on here and then using your quit experiences to support others to reinforce that quit are vital too I say. Take each day at time, don't panic and read cleavrly want to quit and if you add all of the above to a desire to not smoke more than to smoke then you will succeed!


Thanks Helen and Fiona for taking the time to reply - I'll certainly check those links out. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit better already - I think it helped just to write it all down!

I'm very clear on my reasons to stop - there are too many to mention, but the main one is that I'm fed up with cigarettes ruling my life! Every decision I make - days out, holidays, all those things that should be wonderful - are spoiled my me having to think about whether or not I'll be able to smoke.

I'm actually off out for the day now with my sisters - it will be lovely not to have to keep stepping outside the restaurant at lunchtime to feed my addiction! ;)

I'll check in later and let you know how it went!


Hi Sarah,

Welcome, im fairly new to this forum and i quit yesterday. Iv found this forum to be fantastically supportive and i know in the days running upto my quit it gave me the support and confidence i needed.

Im using patches and i am reading lots which is one of the pieces of advise i got from people on here. So thats me reading constantly, peoples posts and basically anything i can get my hands on about stopping smoking. Im also reading Paul Mckenna (i was rather skeptical about it) and iv found that to be really good too.

I wish you lots of luck x x


Hi Sarah,

totally agree with what Helen, Fi, and Jo have written above. Part of recognising the nicodemon can be explored by Fi's oft quoted HALT stance - Hunger, Anger, Lonely, Tired. The nicodemon can explore those chinks and if you're not vigilant then you'd be reaching for a smoke.

Definitely you have to want to quit...but you seem to not have that desire. Possibly write down your reasons and keep them handy. Look at them a few times a day and affirm to yourself. You can do this by making the sentences short and punchy, having about 10 of them, and then repeat them to yourself about 5 times in rote fashion. If you do that a couple of times a day you will hopefully find that your subconscious has picked up the messages and may even have changed your perspective round to a desire to stop.

Sometimes/mostly you have to work at getting the PMA and where better to start than with yourself.


Hi Sarah

As well as the lists, reading and so forth (busy day ahead of you!!) try and look at not smoking as something exciting - which it is.

It's new, fresh and different to being tied to the fags in the way we all are before we quit.

I look for things that I've done for the first time without a cigarette - small things like the first time I drove to work without a fag, or dried my hair without smoking etc. I play a game with myself so that each time I achieve a no-fag moment I have a little smile and feel good about myself!

It becomes self motivating and instead of dreading doing something without a cig I look forward to it - just to see if I can do it!

We're half way through the day now. Why don't you see if you can go until bedtime without a cig?

best of luck, and you can do this !


Wow - what a great response. Thanks you everyone for your thoughts and support.

I'm just back from my day out, and so far, so good! My last cigarette was at 8am this morning and it's really not been too bad. In fact, I even turned down the offer of a fag from my sister! I really identify with Divingdale - I definitely felt good after lunch (with a glass of wine too!) when I realised that I'd had a nice time without a ciggie! I didn't even think about it particularly - that must be the Champix.

Anyway, most of the day gone, and other than a few brief pangs, I did ok! And that definitely makes me feel more positive! :D

Thanks again, one and all and good luck to you too Jo - well done on Day 2!



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