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How do i get positive?

I failed again. so am trying again! I know you all say read, read, read, but does anybody have any ideas how to get positive, the last couple of stops have failed because i can't get over that day 3/4 thing of thinking about cigs all the time and been crabby with everybody. I have found myself turning to food but then that begins to worry me. Has anybody tried putting the saved money away to save for something particular, does that help? I might have to seriously consider cutting down on the white wine too, will this make it harder or easier?

Please send me all your positive vibes i could do with as much help as possible.


Bev (trying hard again)

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Hi Bev,

Sorry to see you back at on Day 1 - but at the same time I'm gald to see that you are not giving up on quitting.

You will find plenty of posts here from people using the money saved as a motivator. Some people go for frequent smaller treats, others save for longer and get something bigger. I'm part funding a family holiday to France with money I've saved. And that feels so good, partly because it's not just me that is benefitting.

You will also fid that many people have struggled with alcohol as in the past the drinking and smoking have gone together. It is breaking those associations that are so well entrenched that can prove key to the success of a quit.

You cxan search for posts using the quick link button at the top of each page of the forum. Or BibleBlack may spot this thread (or you could nudge him with a Private Message) - he has a great ability to recall useful threads and post links to them, and I've seen this be helpful on numerous occasions.

Stay strong and you will beat this thing.



Hey Bev...... good going on trying again. A positive attitude sure helps..... some have their mind set straight from the get go and don't have a problem at all.... lucky them. For me it was not so....... didn't have a positive attitude for a good month or so..... but I knew I wanted this quit to be the one and took it a day at a time.... by reading, posting and replying to posts daily, I seemed to turn the way I thought of smoking around, and a positive attitude resulted (after hard work and persistence ;)). I used a hypnosis cd to get me through the crazy times, snacked a lot, and just worked on staying sane..... then the first 'easy' day came and I became hopeful. For most it's not fun to quit..... but you can do it..... take it a day at a time and KNOW that the 'misery' won't last forever. You take care, Bev.


A huge thanks

I have to say a huge thanks for all the responses, Jim yours has really got me thinking, and thank you Deke for pointing him in my direction.

Chrissie i think you are right about the wine and last night i didn't have any, and i feel better for it.

bellablue13 thanks for helping me see that it does get better i just have to stick at it and one day i will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So i am now 3hours and 15 mins away from day 2, i am going shopping today with number 1 daughter so hopefully this should keep my mind away from smoking.

Thanks again and i intend to be here a lot so hope you don't mind.



Bev, how about you keep a diary of all the cigarettes you didn't smoke thanks to your determination.... you could write how many really bad cravings you have had in a day and count the minutes you resisted and turn these minutes into a pampering treat (ask a relative/friend/pay someone to do your nails for, give you a massage etc for the same amount of time you kept away from your cigs)


Glad to see your back

You know what Bev...seeing you back as the 4th time speaks volumes as to your commitment. You may think this means you have failed but actully not giving up is a huge success! You will make it past past day 3/4 if you keep on trying! I could never had made it without NRT but that is me. Just keep going and you will find what really works for you as an individual.

This is the toughest is an incredilbly hard road but it is totally possible. I am proud of you for continuing to stop!


quit 7: quit date 06/22/09: mom to 4


Hi Bev,

Don't worry about being back on day one "Falling down isn't what makes people fail in life, it's not getting back up that does it!"

Just don't quit quitting! I totally get what you mean by the day 3/4 thing. This addiction is damn tricky, it tries everything from full on craving assaults to a sneaky little voice whispering in your head.

I don't think there is just one way to beat it - it's experimentation/thought and figuring out what works best for you. ****yze what's sending you back to square one and then you'll be ready for it next time.

It doesn't matter what day we are all on - we are all in the same boat and rooting for you!



Alot of folk say the first few days are the worst.. they are not. its exactly as you said.. day 3/4.. it was for me. My fiancé told me a i was a nightmare on my 4th day, and she was probably right except i couldn't truly see it myself.

I think there is no hard and fast tip for getting you through that bit except for this... recognise it for what it is.. its your body and mind letting go of something you've long since used as a crutch for getting by.. yes the cravings seem more immense.. but put that demon in its place and when you get that urge to rush off and buy a packet of 10.. just don't.. tell that demon.. no. NOT THIS TIME. Above all once you've told it, get your mind immediately onto something else.. in fact.. make a list of all the things you will get to doing when you hit those moments, so you don't have to sit there looking for distractions, they are there already.

You WILL do this.. and you HAVE TO. So come on now... i'm new here on the forum in my 3rd week quitting, but heck, i'll reply to your posts to get you through day 3/4 if thats your danger point :) I'll talk yer leg off :)


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