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End of Second week - But suddenly got harder

Hi All,

First post on the Forum.

I am on day 14 and can honestly say first 10 days were fine, and relatively easy, however, last 4 have been really hard, and has come as a bit of a shock.

Have enjoyed it up till now, smelling better, tasting better and feeling proud of my decision.

But have a mouth full of Ulcers and a heavy cold and feeling very sorry for myself. All the benefits enjoyed up to now seem a long way away, mouth is uber painful and tastes horrid.

Just keep reminding myself that I have had mouth ulcers before - and always feel rough. Have had viruses and colds when i smoked, and cigerettes couldnt make me better.

I have also saved approximately £100 since quitting, and have treated the kids to gifts this weekend.

Just keep telling myself that there is no going back.......and hope i feel better tomorrow

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Hey Scott,

Sounds like you've got the right mindset - knowing smoking wont make the ulcers better and there's no going back....just keep going, easier said than done i know:rolleyes:

I'm sure you already know this, but sometimes in the midst of it, it can be forgotten so just gentle nudge, but keep focusing on the positives, all the great things about NOT smoking, that you've done so well so far. I've sent myself back to day one more times than i care to count and BELIEVE me it's not a nice feeling, the guilt is crippling - so keep on keeping on:)

Good luck:)


Thanks Lullabelle,

Have woken feeling a little better today, and as such my mind is more positive.

I am determined I will not fail, but just needed cheering up i think. Now into week three ....oneards and upwards.


Spend the money you save on yourself and not the kids Scott as that'll cheer you up ;):D

We all get a bit down and fed up, sometimes the combination of quitting and illness can take it's toll but it's not forever, it'll get better,you'll get better............. to infinity and beyond!!

Oh, by the way, sometimes the cravings can make you a bit absent minded like taking the dog for a walk in the woods with your flies wide was only when i got back to the car that i realised why people were giving me a wide berth!!! :eek:


Well done Scott.

I am on day 9 and have been suffering with mouth ulcers for the past few days. I am sure they will go soon though. Mine have eased since I have been using corosodyl mouthwash.

Keep going, you are doing so well :)


Hi All,

Glad to report have started to feel better, and have not fallen off the wagon, and have now progressed into week 3.

I cant say thanks enough guys, everytime a feel weak i log in and read the forum posts, it really is so much help. Sorry I dont post more but hopefully we grow in confidence and I progress.

Have just got through a 20 hour day working away, which was a big test for me, so very positive.

Thanks Again:)


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