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2 years

Two year milestone, it's a good place to be! Went from smoker to non-smoker, en route almost turned into chocaholic, gummibearaholic, wineaholic, yes, even vodgaholic (less calories :rolleyes:), forumaholic, and even posting catpics on wit threadaholic but luckily ended up being a yoga and healthaholic.... everything works out in the end ;) Life is good.... most definitely better than it was 2 years ago! All my love to my quit buddies and a big WELL DONE! XXX

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You're here! Been waiting Bells! And its your birthday too so a double celebration! You got me and others through some tough times on the quit road and made me laugh or raise my eyebrows many times along the way! Always a special place in my heart for my german girl X x x


Bloody brilliant Bells, knew you could do it. You've been through some holics, I wonder what comes after the yoga and healthaholic. Well done anyway. David. xxxx


Well done Bella, brilliant :D

Gaynor x


2 years!! That's outstanding, Bella :)

Loads of 'holics mentioned but you forgot a few really important ones - support-aholic, laugh-aholic and friend-aholic -> :cool:

Hope you have an excellent day being spoiled by the family and friends over on distant shores.

Happy Birthday, special buddy xoxox



Congratulations on your brilliant 2 years Bella, can you be a yearsaholic?

Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Jackie x


Well done Bella on 2 years quit :cool:

At least the Sax thread never saw to much evidence of you being a GaGa-aholic ;)

As for wineaholic ... have come through that one myself and now enjoying the rapidly growing bikeaholic.

Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Bells :)



Well done Bella :D

Am now at alcoholic and foodaholic stage, just waiting for the postman in the next few days so I can become gymaholic :D

Thanks for your words of encouragement early on xx


Well done Bells, ruddy champion post too.

Happy Birthday in all.


P. S . No fluffeh cat pics here!


Thank you everyone, forgot how nice it is to get all these lovely posts from all you lovely folks! Thank you for making me smile! I had the best birthday, too, thank you! xxx


:Dhey Bella well done on ya 2 fantastic is that and a belated Happy Birthday as well.....just having a look about and saw this.....thought I better say hello and congrats.....Take care.....


What a belter Bell and well done, a momentous 2 years and you are still catting the light fantastic, glad to hear that you have managed to get over the chocoholic bits as that means I stand a chance of losing the weight I have put on and being the slimmer healthier version.

Have a fantastic year 3 XXX



Well better late than never.

Well done Bella,


Thank you, Ellie, Jam, and Nic, hope you guys are well, cheers xx


Massive well done Belle on 2 years quit and here's to many more.

Im just behind you i will be 2 years quit this coming Saturday.

Its nice to see the long term quitters still plodding on.Btw sorry this is a bit late i haven't been on here in ages and a belated happy birthday.


I don't stop by often no more.. guess its part of the healing process :), but today i did .. and saw this thread and had to post just to say..

congrats .. 2 years is something to shout about.. we may not be having as tough a time as we did in the first year, but maintaining a quit and being proud of it definitely is something to carry on doing.

Good to hear you are on a health kick too.. it can't harm at all, and if its working for you then fantastic!

Well done Bel.



Congrats to you, Michael! So nice to see so many of us Febers still around, even nicer to see how comfy and easy it is now. See you next year!

Jase, always happy to see you post! Hope you are doing well and enjoying life! 2 years soon for you, too, I'll try not to miss it! Be good xx


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