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Day 25 and all's GREAT !

Thought i would pop in and say hello. Just had a call from one of my non smoking advisors just to see how im doing - which i thought was a nice touch to the service. Was also explained that even though theres a 12 week limit for prescriptions, theres not an actual prescription limit within that 12 weeks period, so thats a weight off my mind as i didnt feel my nasal sprays were lasting the 2 weeks between popping in to see them at the service. I know ill have to wean myself off them, but currently not ready to attempt this at such an early stage.

Hope other New Year quitters are doing well, and finding things a little easier.

Heres to another 25 days of non smoking!

PS, have my carbon monoxide test tomorrow, so hopefully will get a '1' reading, although where i live 1 or 2 is expected for a non smoker.

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glad to hear you are doing so great :) 25 days here also...congrats:D


Congrats to both of you on your first mini milestone "25" days. Well done and keep up the good work, heres to the next 25

Take care


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