No Smoking Day
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DAY 6 :-o

So I never thought I would make it this far! I am so pleased with myself. Found last night after tea hard becasue I seen a lonesome ciggie on the table in my living room and felt sorry for it so got the urge to smoke it, but I DIDN'T, I got my hubby to remove it from the vicinity.

I did cry for about an hour after it, then I got into the bath and when I got out I felt much better.

Anyway, day 6! Nearly the end of the first week.

Good luck to everyone else today!


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Keep stong Jill.......

I am on day 6 as well and had a similar experience when my wife said there was a solitary cigarette on top of the fridge. There was a huge rush/urge inside my chest but I told her she was welcome to it (she only has ever smoked 1 a day) as it turned out it was an empty cigarette packet :D. Anyway keep it up and it will be a week tomorrow.




It is strange how it catches you off guard. You can prepare for trying to keep yourself busy but when it comes at you unawares then its a good bit harder! Just shows how far we have came!

Good luck to you too :D



Well done Jill .. Im off the patches now (4 days lol) and doing it solo now :D I think Ive cracked it :D You can too !! :D X


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