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My addiction is different

Is your addiction special? Different? Worse than others?

I always though that my addiction was different and far worse than anyone elses - as it was mostly physical (bah). Women get more addicted than men I thought. As a smoker's daughter I was made physically addicted before I was born. I have addictive personality. And so on. Part of me still believes these lies. Reading your stories here thinking... well easy for you, you haven't smoked since 13, you're just getting rid of a habit not this physical addiction like mine, your mother didn't smoke when pregnant... Who the hek brainwashed me and when did this happen? :eek::eek::eek:

Oh and another thing. I feel I'm starting to become a different person now that I'm not smoking. AMAZING!

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I think that that is addiction in a nutshell. Your brain finds the thought of quitting it's addiction so intolerable that it forms these defences, in the form of thoughts and beliefs, in order to make you continue.

I was convinced at one point that, were I to give up, my life as I know it would be over......

Well, I don't stink or anything anymore but I can't say I've noticed my life collapsing at all. The world hasn't imploded, in fact everything is disappointingly very 'samey'.

Goodness only knows why I used to believe that....and I really did.


got my mind working reading that then and as well as everything else its also down to lifestyle and mindset especially given the fact it was accepted as being good for you and growing up in a smoking family made it more natural im second youngest in my siblings and my sisters who are all 8 years plus older then me used to encourage me to smoke and pay me in ciggys for babysitting i never really had to buy a pack till i was in my late teens 1 of my sisters is now an ex smoker she has been smoke free for over 3 years my mum gave up though over 20 years ago due to health probs and proud that ive stopped :) and this time with the reasons i have and the amount of reading ive done my mind is changing regarding the fact that i can live a normal life without smoking i just wish i had done this years ago now


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