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Hi, My name is Jude and I'm a nicotine addict

I came to realise I was powerless over tobacco, and vowed never to take another puff.

I admitted to you all that i can't control my smoking and made a list of all the harm it has caused me and the desperate lengths i have gone to to get it.

I have borrowed money, nearly every week, I have -OK what you would probably call stole -money to buy cigarettes (as in pinched loose change that was sitting about the house, and i knew wasn't mine),I never have any money to do anything else because any money i have i spend on cigarettes. I have at times of unemployment only eaten one meal a day, so i could have money for my fix, I have gone through the bin to find a smokeable cigarettes butt, i have smoked my own cigarette butts off the ground, I have damaged my lungs and body-perhaps irreparably, I have ignored others right to breathe clean air. My habit has damged my health and made me lazy, unfit and inconsiderate. I have ignored, even got annoyed when others expressed their wish for me to stop killing myself.

I'm a drug addict.

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but what matters now is that you accept it, and are prepared to change your daily routine and will not build this addiction into your life. You will succeed this. Your stronger than this is.


Thanks Jase

I think do accept it- and now i realise how addicted i am and how there can never be anymore cigarettes for me, ever.

I realise where i was going wrong was just letting them back in and trying to change the way i thought about them.


I could see from your first post. It does help alot to re-image this whole smoking thing.. after all, for years, we've been bombarded by adverts, their use in films and tv and indeed seen them so commonplace all over the place that it was difficult to see what was so wrong. I think we kinda told ourself for too long it was ok.. but really for us.. it wasn't.

Good for you :)


ive done all these things too jude and i'm not proud of it but I did them, some many times! - including nearly going to prison for drink driving to get cigarettes in the middle of the night.

its important we all realise how much of an addiction it is but then remind yourself that this is the reason that it is so important for us to break free.

but dont give it too much power. you can be stronger and will be stronger than this addiction.

have you stopped yet?

youll find all the support you need on here. good luck with it.


I had a brilliant cold turkey going on Bman, but I sadly had yet another lapse again.....Stress at work

Back to it again tomorrow. I tried the patches for almost a year but still kept slipping. I think because the nicotine was never fully out of my system


yeah just keep going - back on it tomorrow is the best attitude.

CT isnt an easy deal. fair play for just not making a big deal out of it and carrying on. best thing you could do. :)


Hi Jude

Welcome to the forums,

sorry to hear about yr relapses n' stuff - I found that stuff really annoying & heartbreaking :(

But now I've found a rock solid solution - that works for me anyway!

Reading & listening to "Allen carrs easy way to stop smoking" got me into a really great mindset to quit,

then, whenever I feel like a cigarette (hardly ever), I jump on these forums and try to find someone else who is willing to quit ( or in the "real" world too)

Then I tell em how I stopped ,and more importantly how I STAY stopped

Just like how alcoholics and other drug addicts can recover and then stay recovered by helping each other out and passing on what works

I LOVE being a non- smoker :)

Good Luck!


Thanks guys- Yes I fully believe theres no difference really in being a heroin addict or alcoholic and being a smoker, Being addicted to a drug.

I'm back with the programme now ( wandered off the path there but back again)


well done Jude - thats great to hear :)


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