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Aaargghh!!! This really annoyed me


I had to buy some stamps tonight while I was in the supermarket and they are sold from the same counter as cigarettes.

It was the first time in just over five weeks I'd stood at this counter (to be honest, I've not even had so much as a quick glance at the packets when I've been in there since my quit). But standing in the queue tonight, I noticed it. It has had a major revamp with white acrylic geometric patterned shelving and coloured neon lighting. I have to admit, it looked a far more appealing product display than for any other item I've ever seen in a supermarket anywhere ever. It reminded me of the bar of some swanky nightclub.

This made me furious because at the end of the day this is to attract more people to smoking and encourage those who already do smoke to continue. I know it's advertising and the way of the world, but it really does make me mad. It's just such a pity that tobacco companies and retailers are allowed to make that one specific product stand out so much when it's going to kill you!

Rant over!

Trandem x

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Totally agree, hits you like a ton of bricks when you see this! It's a wonder it's legal, but hey, they also do it with alcohol and alcohol also ruins millions of lives around the world...

I'm just happy that I don't see this advertising like I used to before, and hopefully it won't affect everyone :)

I know what you mean, hopefully the government will push through the proposals that cigarettes have to be sold in plain cardboard boxes with just the name on or a horrid picture. They were going to say they had to be out of sight too (under the counter) but thought that might make it seem cooler

There is a law in Ireland that prevents any display of cigs in any form.

Those displays in the garages and supermarkets (behind the tills) have all had to have plain covers fitted over them.

I never thought much of it - but since quitting - i'm glad I dont have to look at the displays while paying for petrol - or in the supermarket. It is a bit of a bonus I suppose

It is illegal to display them here in Ontario Canada as well. Before I didn't care, now I think it's a great idea!

My supermarket has done the same thing also. It looks exactly like you've described...the back drop to a bar or club where the drinks are lit up.

I wish cigarettes were banned completely, not made illegal as such....just the manufacturing of them completely stopped, yes I know that's not very likely as the profits they (government/manufacturers) make are astronomical. Also, were I to mention this desire on another forum I frequent I would be hung, drawn and quatered, in a cyber sense. I can just imagine the PM's I would get now.....:eek:

Surely making them more attractive is not what they are supposed to do now, is it?

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