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6 weeks today

Hi all,

I have not smoked for 6 whole weeks. I am secretly proud of this but don't talk about it to many people. Unless they too are giving up the fags. My bf is still smoking and I even bought him a packet today. It did look so comfortable sitting in my bag, but I wasn't really tempted. It is just that Camels are such a lovely blue box. My favourite colour as well. I have found that nothing is any better or any worse on my life due to not smoking. I always went back to it as a social/comfort thing convincing myself that I would feel better for them. But life just goes on, the usual ups and downs. The only thing missing is my constant fear and self-loathing that I was potentially digging my own early grave. I now feel better inside, knowing that at least I tried to stop the rot. So for all the new quitters, it is not so bad after the first few days and it is well worth the effort. I find I am more patient with people and I feel much better physically, more energy and I can walk quickly up the stairs without feeling out of breath. Amazing what a difference 6 weeks can make!

I am still on the patches (about to reduce the strength) and eating the nicotine pastels (when at work and in the pub) which I now quite like. I have no faith in my will power at all, hence the nicotine replacements, but just take each day as it comes and decide that "I won't smoke today. " I don't think about it so often now and giving up has not had a dramatic effect on my life. I am just plodding along and being relaxed about smoking in general. It is like I have put it aside and just let other people get on with it. It has worked so far and although I may smoke in the future, I will not smoke today.....

Good luck all and keep going!


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Hi Rachel

Sound like you're in a really positive place at the mo. Good luck when you reduce the nrt strengh. And well done you for not being tempted by the bf's fags. Go girl xx :):):)


Hey Rachel,

Well done on going six weeks. However, I think you are wrong about your will power. If you had little of it you wouldn't have got this far. I know plenty of people (myself included in the past) who haven't even managed a few hours with NRT, or caved after a few days or a week. You have much more will power than you give yourself credit for. You are strong and beating this thing hands down! It is you who is deciding not to light up, that takes will power!

You go!

Trandem x


Will power


Thanks so much for your replies, Rachel and Trandem. Yes, Rachel, I am feeling really positive, although my post may have sounded quite negative! That is only because I am terrified of being upbeat as, every time I take my eye off the ball, (not just re smoking) everything goes belly up. Although i seem like the most laid back person in the world, no one can believe me when I tell them how much i worry and re-think just about everything, even when i know it doesn't matter. I think it is the perfectionist in me trying to get out!!

And thank you, Trandem for alerting me to my will power. You are right, I must have some especially living with a smoker! I think I am in denial about my quit, it doesn't feel real and I don't want to give it too much attention (although it actually rules everything I do) in case I fall off the wagon. It literally is a minute by minute decision not to smoke, although I am generally fine and not in a bad mood becuase of it. It is like I have chosen to go down a different path and my usual one is receding into the distance. It just feels tense, like I am entering unchartered waters, knowing full well the sharks are circling. And I am not even in Egypt!

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support and encouragement, it means a lot. Hope you are both doing well in your quit.



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