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No Smoking Day
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6 weeks today- and back on top form!!

I just had to tell everyone that my quit is 6 weeks old today!!!


After a really bad couple of days (MAJOR cravings came out of nowhere and i wasnt expecting them at 6 weeks!) i feel like i am back on top form with my quit and feeling positive again!

As usual- i couldnt have done it without the help and support of you guys! Thanks!

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Well done you :cool::D time really does fly


You go girl.....:):D:);)

Jane x


Hey Claire

I am on my six week mark today!!! How good does it feel!! Can't believe I have made it this far and it doesn't seem two mins ago since I was smoking outside my docs waiting to go in and see the nurse for champix!

Roll on the next six weeks :D


Good for you Claire, you hung in and made it- Congrats


Thanks everyone.

Things are busy at the moment, hence the reason i havent been on here very much.

I was really worried about how i would cope at uni as a non-smoker, especially as all my friends there are smokers.

At one point today, my friend was sat next to me smoking and i didnt get the urge/craving to smoke, i was more worried about infecting my clean lungs with her secondhand smoke(!).

I am getting loads done at uni, due to the fact that i am not popping outside every hour to have a ciggie..i cant believe it!

Pinotlover- well done to you too! Its amazing isnt it! Like you, i cant wait for the next 6 weeks too!


That's more like it Claire :):)

You have done fantastically and really are someone for us lesser quitters to look up to through good times and bad!;)

Jane x


Thanks Jane, thats a lovely thing for you to say!

I have got a terrible cold, have done for a few days, but am gobsmacked that although its a really bad cough and cold, it hasnt gone to my chest as much as normal!!

Having a VERY early night tonight, all this uni work is exhausting!


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