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Paying the price

I don't post on here very often these days - but with my 27th complete month of not smoking coming up in 6 days time I thought I would take the opportunity to post a link to one of Kevin's tales that really makes sense to me.

It's all about practice. It's all about conditioning. It's all about choice.

To those of you in the early days/weeks/months - it probably seems like it will never be natural to not smoke..... but it will.

Clicky Linky

Stuart - proud to be in my 816th day of freedom today.

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Well done stuart, I would say that you have well and truely kicked it now mate.

Thats a great link you have posted and a great reminder of what it will take to 'learn' not to be a smoker anymore. 'The Tales' have helped me loads, and will continue to do so.

Just for you my stats are

For the last 1 month 3 weeks 1 days 18:45 hours I have been smoke-free,

751 cigarettes have not been smoked,

£181.74 not spent, (well not on smoking anyway lol)

2day 14:35 hours of life saved

I know this is my forever quit this time stu and feel so relieved to be free. Last time I felt I had to quit. This time I want to.

Take care mate and have a great christmas :D



You too Sian, have a great Christmas and a smoke-free New Year :D

Good to see you doing so well, and so happy about it!


Thanks for that link Stuart, just what I needed today:)


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