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That's it!

Hi All

A bit late I know but 3 months completed now and into month 4. As I quit on the 31st August I rounded it up to the 1st for the months that don't have 31 days.

According to my quit app, I have quit for 92days, 21hours. Saved £638.55. Not smoked 2321.99 cancer sticks. Since I have quit 890630 people have passed away in the world due to a smoking related disease.

TBH I don't look at people smoking anymore and think 'it's not fair' it's more of a case of 'ah bless them' there out there in the cold and I'm in the warm. I don't want to sound patronising as I know when I was a smoker, I would have hated a 'reformed ex smoker' thinking like that but I think what I'm trying to say is I do have thoughts about them some days but I do have no desire to smoke. I'm an adult and can function and get through life without smoking, in fact without smoking I can enjoy life more as I'm not being controlled or timing the next smoke. It's kind of like learning a child that they can get through without a dummy or comfort blanket (if that makes sense)? Besides I would never want to go back to day 1 again, I love my quit and care for it :)

I don't post too often these days, I'm more of a lurker but I haven't forgotten you!

I hope you are doing OK and stick with it all it does get loads easier. I never believed it when I was told it but it does.

Keep smiling and be happy

Luv to you all and THANK YOU

Tinks xx

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Well done on 3 months Tinks, some scary statistics as well. Enjoy staying in the warm, all snugged up without the aggravation of having to 'pop' out every now and then, you have every right to feel smug. It's not patronising at all, even the smokers pity themselves for having to do it and we've all been there and done that, to turn a corner and feel good and positive about not smoking is brilliant.

Keep enjoying the quit,



Hi Tinks!

A massive congrats to you for not only the 3 months but for reaching that point where you see cigarettes as something negative in your life rather than something that embellishes it.

I think the same thing about smokers, specially because I'm one of these people that can't stand the cold... yet I used to brace myself and pluck up enough courage to go outside and do something which I thought I WANTED to do... when really if I think about it I was miserable doing!

So great to see you feeling so great... I can't believe I'll be posting in the 4+5 month bit soon!


Hey Tinks congrats - I've just done my 3 months too!!! In fact there's only 2 days between us!!!!


Jane xxx


Hi Tinks, So glad you have got to three months, that's a great quit milestone and things as you say do get easier and easier.

Before you know it you will be climbing those stairs up to the Penthouse, hope your legs are up too it cause we know your lungs will be.



Tinks :cool:

Great to get such a positive update from you and to hear your quit is trundling on in a good steady way.

I'm not even much of a lurker these days but spotting your post ...... congrats Tinks :)

Look forward to your next move upwards, next year.

Stay well, stay quit, stay happy

Pol xx


Good to hear from you Tinks :).

It's great to hear you so positive about your quit. 3 months is a fabulous achievement!! I'm so proud of you.

Ed xxx


Great news Tinks, so pleased for you, you are difinitely a winner.



well done :D:D

i def dont miss the having to go outside for a ciggy especially with how cold its been and keep saying why did i do it in the first place :eek:

best regards carol


I've just realised something...

THANK YOU ALL for your replies.

It's my first smoke free birthday in over 10 years (last Ocotber when I tried quitting, I had started again before my birthday)


Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

Happy smokefree birthday to Tinks

Happy Birthday to me



I'm so happy I think that is an excuse for an extra alcoholic drink later, right?




Happy Birthday Tinks! What a lovely gift to give yourself this year :)

Can't wait till my first non-smoking Birthday, and xmas and holiday! Oh the special events :D


happy birthday!

happy xmas!!

happy 3 months not smoking!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Make it a large one!!!



Happy birthday tinks!

And well done on the 3 months!

Sorry i havent been around much, but am still popping in now and again!


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