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I have just been looking at my profile and read my visitor message. Thought it might help when times are tough so here it is, still true and an apt reminder eh? :eek:

Hi, I smoked my last ciggerette on Sat 06th Nov, used an inhaler for a day and a half then went CT, so I have counted my first day as a non smoker as Tuesday 09th.

I somehow felt that I was cheating myself using NRT, not that I think everyone who uses this method is cheating themselves, it just didn't seem to add up in my mind so I stopped that method.

Any how CT seems to work for me and I guess at the end of the day that is all any of us are looking for, something that works for us!

So I have spent a fair few hours reading as many of the posts as I can here, and I would advise anyone trying to quit to do the same. There are many posts here that you will be able to relate to, both happy and sad, like the guy from Newcastle who posted late one night that he thought he couldn't make it through the night without a smoke, which could have made even a grown man cry, followed by the posts from 3 or 4 people offering support for this guy. WOW

Still look for yourselves!!! and always remember why you are doing this - even after the novelty has worn off!! Good luck to us all xx

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hi just read your post and it took me afew secs to realise what ct was lol im using patches and the nicorette when im really stressed b ut not as a habit like i did with ciggys but well done to you for going without anything at the end of the day we are all different and i know personally that i need something to help me hence the patches i have got a nicorette but its more down to habit using it which im slowing knocking on the head lol

hope you have a brill smokefree weekend :D:D

regards carol


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