No Smoking Day
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Day 17 - Woooo

Went out for a works meeting last night - quite stressy as had to design and give presentation.

This is the usual time when the old nicodevil would rear his ugly head - but good news - didn't even feel like having a smoke let alone get any mad cravings.

Really happy about that and truely believing for the first time that I am going to beat this filthy habbit!!

Does anyone have a cure for a hangover??? :eek:

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well done :) thats brill

i could give you a disgusting remedy that my old dad would say worked but im sure he just made it up to make me feel even worse

drink plenty of water and to stop getting one umm drink plenty of water especially before going to bed or failing that if you can just stay in bed groaning :p


Hey Hey

Thanks Carol

I think I will stick with the staying in bed complaining idea! :p


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