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Hello again


Hi everyone,

After last week's major upset (ahem) and a chat with a few friends I've returned.

I got so upset last week I very nearly caved. I went to a friend's house (a smoker) and said I couldn't take it anymore and wanted a cig. She was brilliant and explained why she was proud of me and how my quitting was inspiring her and her husband to give it a go too. Fortunately, my moment of weakness hasn't put her off thinking about it and she actually said it was good to know that moments like that are normal for most people. But it's easy to use upset/stress as an excuse to let the demon back in.

Anyway, I didn't cave in and am now on day 20. Tomorrow my weekly bank input will take my money saved account up to £270.

Thank you to everyone who PMd me, your kind words were much appreciated and I hope I'll be able to do the same for all of you someday. In the meantime, I'll just be ignoring the posts of people who get me wound up.

Trandem x

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hi and welcome back :)

great to hear your still smoke free :)

well done

regards carol

Hiya Trandem :D

Great to hear that you are still on the wagon and didn't cave!!

Nearly 3 weeks woohooo well done

Snowie xx


Hello again

Hey Hey

Good to see you return, don't let them muppets upset you! ;)

Hi Hun

Nice to see you back with us and OMG thats an amazing bank balance, just make sure you treat yourself, ok.

Anyhow Well done on 3 Weeks nearly, thats great, keep up the good work and dont let your guard down cos that nasty nic demon may try and get back in so be strong.


Smoking friends

Hallo to you.

Well done for not doing it. Smoking friends is a tricky issue. To me they are the best thing about smoking. Yours sounds like a diamond.

I stopped on November 5th, like you. I have stopped thousands of times and everyone says yeah yeah now. I think this one is different and the reason is that I have a really good smoking friend at work who is a confirmed smoker, and oblivious to the obvious damage she is doing to her health-COPD. I realised that everytime I stop and then grab a fag from her at the 1st hurdle, it confirms to her that stopping is impossible. So this time I just said I felt great for a week, even though I didnt,and, because I wasnt telling myself that I was deprived and miserable, I suddenly realised that I wasnt. I do feel liberated and free, and I notice every time life would have been difficult or rushed or interrupted, or embarrassing while I stopped everything for a ciggy.

Of course it has only been 3 weeks and I know that the smoker is still inside me somewhere, but I like life better on this side of the fence. Slightly mixed metaphors!

I am glad to have found this place- all the intelligence and empathy I expect from communing with smokers, without the fatal diseases and the small- great!

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