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Hi, every one its day 5 for me and it feels as if its getting harder by the day. I stuggled yesterday but today is hell, im using 4mg gum and the odd puff on the inhalator and finding the inhalator does not help and the gum worked at first but does not seem to be holding me now and ive bitten the inside of my cheek that many times while chewing the gum that its now sooo sore.

Does it get any better than this?

Is there anything better i can use?

Will i get hooked on the nrt?

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Sorry to hear your struggling and also the fact that your poor mouth is soooo sore. Just dont give up hun.

Have you thought about champix or patches. If what your using is not completely working go and see your quit nurse and see if they can help with some other form of NRT.

Dont give up giving in.

Good luck



Try and stay strong, think about something else, find something else to do - anything but smoke!

Are you using the gum correctly? I know from when I used it a while back, you are only supposed to chew it a little bit and then let it rest against the gums - as it is through the gums the nicotine is absorbed. If just chewing the effect of the nicotine is limited.

Hope you get through this.


Hi Alannah,

stay strong and focused on your reasons for quitting, first and foremost.

I tried gum a number of years back and for me personally it didn't help (hence why i started again) - am on the patches now and so far so good (half way through day 10 now). Would seriously suggest going back to the clinic and asking for some other options - different things work for different people cos, well, we're all different!!

Keep at it and don't give up giving up - we're all here for you :)


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