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Dont know what to do!! Cant stop crying - have been sobbing all day - its so unlike me. just feel like someone has died - so low!! Have tried getting myself out of it all day but nothing seems to work. ended up coming back to bed. Is this evil nicodemon messing my head or have i just lost my mind???? Anyone else had this. Am on day 27 now - should be happy tomorrow is 4 week anniversary. Its day 11 of going cold turkey after being on patches for beginning of quit.

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. No Babe you are not going mad and you haven’t lost your mind, you were right first time you are grieving as if you have lost someone you love and need, it’s a normal response to quitting smoking and if it’s not normal then I also was going mad at the start of my quit, it was as though there was a massive hole in my life and I couldn’t fix it, but I do promise you that this feeling will pass, remember you are giving up something that has probably been a big part of your life for a long time, have a good night’s sleep and make sure that you are getting enough fluids (read water link in my sig) also try some big doses of multi vits which can help to pick your mood up.

Hang in there and get some good tissues you don’t want a red nose as well LOL xx



Oh my Hun. I am sorry that your having a bad time of it today. I cant say about the feelings after patches but i can say dont give in hun cos its not worth it. You have come so far and done so well. If you need to go back to bed do so, if you can take a bath do so, anything as long as you try and ease off the thoughts and dont give in.

Keep breathing deeply and remember to take it bit by bit. If you are struggling tomorrow then go and see your quit nurse and get something else to help with the craves, just dont struggle on your own.

You can do this :)

Oh and as Jam said NO your NOT going mad. We all have our own ways of dealing with our quits and it is like a loss of someone close if yu get what we mean. It will get better :)


Aw Amy, I so feel for you, and no you are not going mad. I was the same (not crying ) but so down and flat and felt totally worthless. This happened week 3-4 so about the same time as you, but a couple of days later it started lifting.

You will get over it, throught it, under it, whatever way you can but its great when you get out the other side.

Good luck hun.x



Just try and stay strong and think how disappointed in yourself you will be to give in - you are stronger than that right?!

Go to bed, sleep on it, it will be better in the morning. I am one month today and for the first time while driving home this evening, pulled into the garage to buy cigs - it was like I had forgotton I no longer smoked and was not even a craving as such! Knocked me sideways, but that is what habit does, and you have to get past it - and once you beat it the feeling of pride and achievement is far better than any high a ciggie could ever give you/

Stay strong


Oh dear I'm sorry you are so down. Hopefully by the time I write this you feel much better!! Not to intrude, but could you be pregnant? I remember that being my first sign really way back when... I cried and cried.

Could also be your hormones going haywire to adjust to normal levels.

Without going into gory details, I had funky hormones about the third week of the quit. The doc said that is totally to be expected and would pass soon, which it did :)


I was exactly the same about 3-4 weeks in... literally cried about anything and nothing... just sobbing! It was abosultely horrible and I felt like no one understood - mainly because I didn't understand what was going on either!

But you've done the right thing by posting here, knowing other people went through the same 'ahhh, what's going on!' phase helps :)


Know exactly how you feel Amy....I had my first panic attack this morning - havent had one since the last time I gave up and then I had them quite a's just hormones rebalancing and your body fixing itself....just tell us all about how you feel and get it off your chest. don't bottle it up and just realise it will pass...



Thanks everybody for all your kind words - only just got to read them cos have had crazy busy day. cried myself to sleep yesterday and woke up this morning feeling alittle better. never got me thinking about smoking just felt emotional. picked myself up all day felt a little beta - then got sacked!!!!! ive been doing ok just business is bad - shocked me

have never wanted a cig so much in my life as i do now but at least ill be saving a fortune on cigs whilst i look for a new job!!!


(((((Big Hugz)))))

Oh Amy

I am so so sorry to hear that you have lost your job, but if you can stay as strong as you possibly can and try as best you can NOT to give in, You know that even with the one puff it wont help, honestly.

Please stay strong, thinkin of you :)



Chin up

Hi Amy,

just want to add my pennysworth. I too feel as if I am very emotional and want to cry for no reason (tho' I have not cried yet!). I just feel generally that the spark has gone out for a bit. I can't explain it either. But we must not give in!! I really feel for you re losing your job. That is tough. But, just think, as a non smoker, you have more to offer a future employer and will look healthier at interviews.Keep thinking of all the positives and something good will happen. It is karma. Take the knocks, get up and refuse to be beaten. Quitting smoking is a process and you have hit a rough patch, but the light will soon be visible at the end of the the tunnel. Also, the dark nights and bad weather don't help, so everyone has a touch of the winter blues.

I was out the other night and oneof the friends of my bf saw me put a lozenge in my mouth (they are all smokers) and I felt I had to explain to them that I had given up. It was horrible as i didn't know what to say. I just felt sort of apologetic if that makes sense. I think , deep down, I was just irritated that this guy had noticed me taking the lozenge. It is no big deal, but I am not at the stage where I can talk confidently about my quit to anyone except the people on this forum. I feel that I am sort of staggering through it. Proof of what an addict I am!!

Anyway, you are not alone. Hope tomorrow is an even better day and good luck with the job search.

Take care



Ah thanks Amy...and so sorry to hear your news! We have to stay strong and we can all do this together then we will beat this!!


Sorry to hear about you loosing your job Amy, thats a bit rubbish.

Try and stay strong, I know its tough but smoking won't make any of it better hun.

S xx


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