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at 11pm im on day 4 [20/11/2010]

Hiya everyone, Well todays been easy, just like yesterday was, patches are still working, there great

The only day that was hard for me was the 1st day.

Everyone i no is so proud of me, Im very proud of myself, Didnt think id get past day 1 never mind almost on day 4,

When i need a cigarette i have a slice of fruit that way not thinkin to myself im going to put on weight,

Hows everyone's quitting going? x :)

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Well done Jennie-Louise, you keep telling yourself how brilliant you are, even when its getting you down. And tell others as well, I tell everyone how proud I am of myself, if I dont blow my own trumpet no one else will. And I find that talking positivly about it keeps my spirits up.


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