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No Smoking Day
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smoking dreams

G'day to you all.

I quit smoking on 14th Jul this year, after 30 odd years of smoking.

At the height of my smoking I would smoke about 1pack of 20s a day.

On a number of occasions I attempted to quit, at one time I even bought patches, that I never really used. The longest I had stayed free from smoke was about 1 month, at any given time. This time I have decided that is the end of it.

Last night I dreamed someone offered me a cigarette, but I declined. Is that a good sign? In the past when I was staying away from smoking, I would dream having a cigarette, and enjoying it. But later I would regret it. I used to hate those dreams. Does anybody else have such dreams?

Your postings are a source of inspiration to all.


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Morning Nas & Welcome

Well done on the Stopping Smoking and for so long, thats a great achievement so a very big well done from me. :)

As for the dreams i would say thats a good omen, the fact in your dream your saying NO i would say means your subconcious is aware that you dont smoke and so is enhancing that fact whilst sleeping. So i would say its almost like a reminder that your NOT going back cos you have kicked Nic's butt once and for all and def dont need him.

Take care and like i said well done you ;)



Thank you for your positive comments. I am sure everyone has their reasons for quiting. As for me my social life was becoming challenging.

In bars one has to excuse him/herself to go OUT for a quick fag.

On return one would smell like an ash tray. But the culprit would not be aware of the foul smell.

In shopping centers, airports, even at home one would have to be creative on where and when to go for a fag. Is this really worth it ? To top it up the major health issues that we all know about.

In my case I travel so much, and was finding myself becoming like an alien every where I go.

But all that is now history.



I believe dream are your subconcious organising and processing information your brain has gathered during the waking hours. So dreaming about smoking or refusing to smoke when you have quit is perfectly normal. Its your brains way of adjusting to the new routine and getting it set into your subconcious that you no longer smoke.

I think dreaming that you refused is a great sign. It is your subconcious say 'you don't smoke now' instead f the usual you smoked and felt guilt.

Well done on being smoke free since July, thats a great achievement.



It def seems like a good dream! I still have those where I have a cig and enjoy it but then regret it... you're not even having that cig and enjoying it! Looks very positive to me :)

Well done on quitting and staying quit!


The safest way to smoke.


Yeah, I suppose if we HAVE to do it SOMEHOW then I prefer it to be in my imagination and subconscious rather than in real life...


You guys are very supportive. I would like to ask you to forgive my usage of English as a foreign language.

I went fishing/camping for two days with 5 friends.

Normally, I act as if nothing has changed. A lot of non smoker friends do not even notice I have stopped smoking. I have never made or do a big deal about smoking and have always been very considerate towards the non smokers. The smokers thought, notice very quickly if one of their own has "deserted" them.

I was so proud of myself when the smokers excuse themselves for a quick fag, without me.

I live in Oman where to weather is always hot, warm or cool. These conditions make smoking so much easier as you can step outside any time of the year. Next time I am in England, I shall enjoy the hospitality of the good pubs over there without the smoking breaks.

I am now trying to forget how long it has been and force myself to accept this is the way it is going to be.


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