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Day 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:confused:31 days!!! This is the longest I've lasted without a cigarette. Week 3 was the hardest, It was the week where I had the most:

tight chest pains, trouble sleeping, and depression.

Now im on week four. I'm kind of concerned. To tell you the truth I feel depressed writing this. I feel confused, maybe because im still having withdrawals.

So the reason why I quit was because I went to China to help a friend of my father's. The cigarettes there are awful. After I smoked a carton of China's cigarettes I felt like crap so I decided to quit. Also, since im in Asia, I was separated from my friends who smoked back at home. This also helped me resist caving in.

Anyway, I'm going back to the states at the end of November.

I wonder if i'll cave in when i get back...:confused:

What should I do?!?! I'm hearing those voices again..sigh.

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Well done GMK on reaching the First Month. :)

Obviously im not you and so dont know how you feel but that Nicomonster has not been fed for weeks and so is now dead, the feelings you are still feeling sound like boredom.

Can younot find a hobby or something, anything to help take your mind off the smokes.

If the Nicomonster tries again be prepared, tell him to sod off as you have done so well. Remind yourself all the time why you gave up and is it worth going through all of this again. Prob not is the answer but mate dont give in, stay strong



Those voices will always come out of the wood work. Its your addiction trying to get you back on it.

No one can make you not smoke but you, but also, no one can make you smoke but you. You have been off them for a month. Thats fantastic !! Do you really want to go back to smoking every day. Stading out in the rain, wind or snow over winter just to be able to get your fix. When you go back home and all your smoking mates are out in the peeing rain smoking you can stay in the warm with a nice beer and have a smug moment to yourself.

You stay quit if you really want to. Just tell that voice in your head to bog off. After a while he does get bored and go away.


Well done for going a month hun. Try to think of the reasons why you quit, that helps me if i'm starting to doubt myself. Think how you would feel if you started again, you know that you'd want to quit again, why go back to day one? soon you'll have days when you don't think about cravings, where you don't think about smoking, hang on to that, you will get there :)


Thanks everyone! Yes, I think it's because im bored...Btw i quit on October 17, 2010 @ 3pm. How can I join the October group???::D



You can join the group here

Stay strong


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