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No Smoking Day
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this sucks :(

Got your attention, right? LOL

My last day of 1 month, tomorrow I'll squeeze into the 2 month forum.

What sucks you ask?

Well, I feel SO GOOD, so proud, so smelling good and SO NOT wanting cigarettes at all that I am totally pissed to have done this SO LATE!!

Dang I could have had decades of feeling this good and instead I smoked.

No fair ;)

My breath comes nice and smooth.

My clothes smell wonderful!

I have so much less stress as I don't have to calculate smoking time, don't have to watch out when and where I smoke, need not pay attention how many are left....

My chi sings :) (I practice qigong and taichi)

I need a LOT less sleep.

and on and on....

Probably will end up going to the dojo every day of the week if this energy high continues like this!


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I am so pleased that you are feeling excellent and I hope it lasts for you and congrats on months two today, but do be carefull the nicco demon can be so sly and can come up and bite you on the bottom when you least exspect it.

I am not knocking your quit I think that its great when some one finds it so easy and I think we all wish we had stopped years ago but hey ho you have quit now so just keep focussed and stay smiling and quit x


Hi NotMe

Congrats on the next month smoke free. Cant believe a Month has gone by already, so well done you.

I agree that we all wish we could have stopped ages ago but as we all know its the fear of the unknown that more than likely stops a lot of us from doing so sooner. Make sure you stay on your guard still as you dont want the NicoMonster to rear his ugly head and try and lure u back in as you have come so far.

Heres to another and another and another month smoke free.

Keep it up. LOL


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