Day 2 Sucks

40 hours into giving up and do I miss my cigarettes. Yesterday wasn't too bad as I was at home and tried to sleep most of the time.

Now I feel like crying and I am trying to find an excuse to start smoking again. I even try to use Champix as an excuse as you need to be smoking to use it (makes sense?).

I heard people saying that they have cravings for a couple of minutes and then they are gone? For me the whole day seems to be a craving. Why would anyone put themselves through this?

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  • pippaki

    Welcome to the forum i am sorry to hear your having bad cravings, what are you using to stop or are you cold turkeying it. i am using Champix and have found it brilliant i am on day32 today and apart from the odd pang which last 1min have been fine.Stick with it once you get through this it will start to get better and you will have the benefit of feeling better in yourself for not smoking

  • Welcome pippaki

    It will get better. I know everyone says it. I'm proof, if I'd have anymore days like the 1st week, I'd have been back on the evil cigs. But I'm still going strong and on day 23. If your feeling really bad, just come on here and have a good read or start something you keep putting off. We are all here for you, before you. know it you'll have done a week.

  • Keep strong, keep posting, we are here for you.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

  • I have just booked myself an appointment with my GP so that he can prescribe this "wonder drug" Champix. They said that they would prescribe it but I would have to pay for this privately.

    I have just had enough of feeling so miserable and from what I read so far Champix seems to be the way to go.

    Since giving up on Saturday afternoon I had one cigarette (a couple of puffs here and there and then extinguishing the cigarette). I just can't get myself to think of anything else and I feel already like I am losing the battle.

  • Dont give in, think of the benefits, we are here for you.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxx

  • Come on Pipster, you gotta fight this thing. It will give it its best shot early as it doesn't want to lose you. You know you want to lose this rotten smelly life threatening monster. You are not alone here. We are all fighting, some winning, some struggling more than others but it is beatable and the rewards are fantastic. Stick in there. You are among friends.


  • one day at a time, all u can do

  • Here here!!! all of the above,

    keep strong we can all do this together

  • You'll be fine, once you get the first week over with, im on 2months+ and i can tell you the cravings get less and less as time goes by, when your feeling like that if your at work then get an ice cold glass of water and sip it through a straw,if at home can do the same thing, or have a relaxing bath, failing that go for a walk (only if safe to do so) take your mind off it, if your feeling angry punch a pillow go for a run, its all part of your body wonting nicotine, so its trying to fight you, hope this helps.


    I have been quit for 2 Months, 2 Days, 23 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds (63 days). I have saved £319.86 by not smoking 1,279 cigarettes. I have saved 4 Days, 10 hours and 35 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 29/05/2007 22:00

  • theres not much more i can add to that except to say that everything everyone has said is spot on, dont lose hope this rotten stinkind addiction can be beaten!


  • hear hear!!!! i second that Charlene


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