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Day 13 - Well this sucks :(

Day 13

Hmm well I wasn't expecting to feel like this today. I was fine this morning. Finished work at 1, came home and now I really want a cigarette. I mean really want one. I won't have one. That's not just me trying to convince myself, I mean it, I really won't have one. It has just surprised me how much I want to smoke.

To be honest I think I am lucky in that I have never really struggled too bad with the initial quit, I struggle with the staying quit. The longest I stopped was 7 years, during which time I got super fit, trained heavily in the martial arts and was generally on top of my game. One cigarette changed all that. The last decent quit I had was for 6 months last year, and again one cigarette put an end to that. I suppose I was expecting to get through this initial stage and had just beware further down the line when the dust had settled. Guess today is a reminder of how much I need to keep my guard up. It probably doesn't help that it is cold, wet and miserable outside and I am bored!

Right, apologies if this is a bit garbled, my brain isn't properly in gear today! Writing this post however has been cathartic, and now I feel more positive. I was never going to smoke today, just p****d that the dirty s*ds are taking over my brain! Now, wheres the mini eggs....?

Keep fighting the good fight people :)


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Hi Jim,know what you mean them craves can jump up and hit you in the face any time.....we so want it to be over but there are going to be days when we forget about smoking and days when it's all we think about.

But as long as it's only thinking it won't hurt us,we've quit and proved we can go weeks without a fag,feel proud of yourself your doing great :D


You've done the best thing writing up a post here, Jimbo.

It's amazing how a craving comes (seemingly) out of nowhere, but they DON'T LAST LONG.

In fact, as you mentioned, it had calmed down by the time you finished writing!

You're doing great. 13 days might as well be a million years to a newbie, so recognise your achievements so far and give yourself a pat on the back :)

Keep it up, mate.



Hang in there Jimbo.


I'm really sorry you had a pooey day yesterday, hope today's a better one for you!!

Use that anger to smash the demon, how *dare* he take over your mind like that, with his stinky lies? :mad::mad::mad:


Hi guys

Thanks for your kind words and support. Knowing that there are like minded souls out there who care about what I am trying to do, really helps.

Yesterday was awful, no matter what I did I couldn't shake that craving. Decided the best plan of action was a few beers and an early night. Luckily it proved to be a bit of a wobble with no harm done. So here I am day 14, 2 weeks in and still smoke free. I still have the craving but I am going DIY crazy and listening to loud music, which with your support will help get me through today.

Thanks once again to you all :)

Keep on keeping on



So glad you got through it :)

Some days are hellish but you can get to the other side - any the combination of loud music and busyness will definitely help :D


I'm new to this myself but have already realised how that Nico can creep back in out of no where!! This is your time JB!! Sounds crazy but if i get a craving whilst at home? Gimme 15 press ups!! 3 sets!! :)



When you have the bad bad days, and you beat them, it stops sucking - it becomes a triumph, a victory and a landmark in the battle - I reckon (not a boxing expert but the imagery fits for me) you hit Nicodemon with an upper cut followed by a KO - I applaud you



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