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Well I'm shocked

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

I know that its probaly not productive etc, but...., you knew there was a but coming didn't you lol, I have just done my stats for if I had stayed quit from last time and they are

2 years, 2 mths, 20 hours

£2682.92 Not spent:eek: But actually have spent

11,085 cigs not smoked :eek: and have actually smoked

5 weeks 3 days life saved

That £2700 would have paid for a deposit on a new car for me. And Seriously, I have smoked 11 thousand cigarettes in 2 years, thats disgusting !!! Its shocking that 1 person could smoke that is such a short time span. Could you imagine being put in a room with 11k cigs and being told right this is your quota, you have to smoke all of these, you wouldn't think it possible.


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Oh my :eek:. That is scary Sian. I don't think any of us would come out looking good if we all did the same though :o.

The important thing is you've quit now and you're going to stay that way!! :)

This is the one hun!!!

Ed xx

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