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Month 1 quit feeling FIT!

Ok fellow non smokers , I have made it to Month 1 which in itself is a fantastic feeling :):):)

I forgot totally about smoking for the first time yesterday I went the whole day without a craving for a ciggy , I don't know whether it was due to the fact that I was unbelievably busy or the cravings finally giving up on me! YAY!

Now my next task is to get fit , is there a Start exersize forum on here too? lol

KAREN ! you still with me hun?

How are you ?

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Well done Del! Keep it up, you are well on your way to beating it :D


Hi Del, this was a thread I started at the begining of my quit, if nothing else if might make you smile, keep strong and stay quit.


Hi Del!!

you are doing so well!! blooming brilliant!!

I think the cravings are getting much more easier as the days go by!!

As for getting fit, good for you :)

Snowie x


Del Boy!! I've missed you and your positive posts! so nice to see that you are still quit :D

I am too.. 4 weeks on Monday.. how freaking fast has that gone? it's unbelievable that we have gone almost a full month without smoking. I'm feeling pretty much the same as you, getting days where i barely think about fags, and don't crave any. It's a great feeling isn't it!


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