No Smoking Day
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I Think It Must Be Catching

I just feel so Meh. I just can't be bothered with anything.

Stopping smoking has been getting on my nerves for the last couple of days an I keep thinking 'I just can't be bothered with this anymore I may as well smoke' because I can't be bothered not too. Does that make any sense??

I'm not going to smoke. I have come too far for that but just just need my vavavoom back. I feel so lazy, all I want to do is eat and i'm not even hungery. Dont' know when the last time I was actually hungry was.

Think I need to get off my butt and get my excercise bike out and build some energy back up.

And i'm forgetful. My MOT is due next week and I forgot. I don't think I would have remembered had my friend not mentioned today hers being due in dec. Got to rush around getting it done this weekend now and pray it passes and have messed up my weekend plans cos of this.

I NEVER forget anything. I am Miss Blooming Organised, can't believe I forgot something as important as that.

Right, gonna shut up now or am going to go on a real moaning session (like I haven't already)

Sian x

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Hi Sian,

There do seem to be a few of us complaining about lack of vavavoom at the moment. Maybe it's to do with the shorter days and dreary weather on top of quitting the fags?

I'm not consciously having cravings myself, but there's definitely a voice trying to convince me that having a cig will make everything right again. I'm not listening, but it's very persistent.

I know what you're going through Sian and we *can* get past it. We have to stay strong and not cave in. A cig will undo all the hard work of the past few weeks and we definitely don't want that!!

Come on here and rant away all you want if it helps :).

Good luck!!

Ed xx


I think Ed hit the nail on the head - lots of my never smokers friends are complaining the same. I think it is a whole lot more to do with the seasonal change (which has been quite abrupt), and as we are recent quitters we associate it with not smoking.

Why not turn it around and think, oh well it is the time to hibernate, and the nights are drawing in, the weather is awful and all I want to do is curl up and stay warm - hey!! Bonus!!! Now I dont smoke I dont have to go out in the cold, I dont have to fight my umbrella in the wind, my lighter in the wind and freeze to death for a hit.

I think we often look for reasons where maybe there are none - maybe we have always gone a bit meh at this time of year, but as we were still smoking we just got on with it as we had to, now we have an excuse and something else to blame it on and make an excuse.

Lecture over - apologies


Def something in the air

Afternoon everyone,

Well as i mentioned earlier this morning to my bud Ed i do think its the darker shorter days and also the colder weather that is making us lose our va va voom. We all need to try and boost our energy somehow, extra vitamins, make the most of the evenings now seeing as we dont have to go out in the cold and wet just to subject ourselves to a quick puff.

I must admit i did wonder the other day why i gave up if im constantly going to have this god damn feeling in my throat but today after seeing the Dr i know i did the right thing as the antibiotics are starting to do something and i can feel things shifting at last.

Guys and gals, we have all become such good friends and i for one cant tell you how much i have appreciated it because without you guys i dont know where i would be now but we all know that because we have each other we can get through this and you know what i cant wait to reach the Penthouse next year and see all you lot with your very big smiles.

Remember that we have all come so far and there is no reason to go back to the old life, only 1 would mean a life of torment, what if's and having to start again, so tell Nicodemon to Sod Off :)

Good luck everyone, we have all come so far and there is NO GOING BACK NOW. Be strong and here's to a better, healthier future :)



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